I mentioned a short while ago that I’d create another opening sequence video for another series I write, the Legends of Europa. These legends are based on Icewolf’s universe, and being legends may or may not actually be the truth. Hey! I’m just passing the legends on, that’s all!

Icewolf’s blog will have more facts and figures about these galactic creatures!

6 thoughts

    1. Thanks again, Icewolf. 😊
      This video is very rough around the edges, and needs a bit (lot of) refinement, which I’ve noticed since publishing! That’s OK, though, as I’m not a filmmaker, musician or editor! Hehehe! Just a tinkerer… although I am enjoying tinkering in the realm of video production!
      Version Two will be much better (as is the case with the first video I created as well!) 🤣
      I do think I’m getting better musically, though! 😳😊

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