Beyond the Sphere

Reverence Ep.8: Loaded Breakfast Part Two

“There’s nairt as sorborin’ as a clompin’ grairt paw smashin’ through a wall!” Gemevere managed to shout whilst dodging a couple of flying stones. “That’s more than a paw, my cousin!” Hempsty disagreed. “Verily that is a hefty… Read More

Agents of Darkness IV

Mrs Sinster stretched and spread her hands across her luxurious duvet. She opened her eyes and saw it was still dark. She’d had a lovely sleep on her first night in her new bed in her new home…. Read More

Experimenting with photos

I’ve finally figured out how to keep part of a photo colour, with the rest black and white. I experimented, quickly, on two photos. The first, a fuzzy photo of Tufty: It’s a bit rough around the edges…… Read More

The Journey Commences

Half an hour and several more dropped slices of toast later, the Goddesses were ready to embark upon their journey. Diana, Athena, Aphrodite, Amunet and Hera walked through the arched window in the kitchen of the Lap of… Read More

Fallen Toast

Diana pondered as she ate her toast. She knew something was amiss, but couldn’t put her finger on it. Why would the others think I’m in the wrong place? she thought as she took another bite. I’ve always… Read More