Beyond the Sphere

Reverence Ep.7: Loaded Breakfast

Æthelstan burped loudly. He’d been seated in the largest throne-like chair Ursulondix could find in the tavern, and at the head of the table. Hempsty had been seated at the opposite end of the table, and Gemevere and… Read More

Agents of Darkness III

For Agents of Darkness I, click here! For Agents of Darkness II, click here! Mr and Mrs Sinster explored their new home. A partition wall hid the staircase which led up from the kitchen on the opposite side… Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.4)

Claudette Brice looked in despair at the computer monitor. “No no no!” she said as she quickly hit a few keys on the keyboard. The monitor continued to display the words ‘signal lost’. The screen was split into… Read More

Out of the Box

I’d gone into every grotty gin joint in town. And this last one is the grottiest. The singer, Devizes Wiltshire, normally not very good yet still the ultimate professional, has managed to get herself caught up in the… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Just Before A History Making Decision

“Husband, what are you working on at such a late hour?” Ellimayee pointed to the scroll filled with hieroglyphs. “I’m going over the plans for the Great Spheres, my wife.” King Rabletop III explained. “As magnificent and grand… Read More