Beyond the Sphere

Balanced on Top

This chap balanced on top of a post for his profile to be taken – obviously the right side was his best side! Another quick post for Becky’s Top Square challenge!

Nothing on Top!

The surface is clear at this end of the Lake! Posted for Becky’s Top Square challenge.

Chimney Tops

Just a few chimney tops for Becky’s Top Square challenge.

Top and Tail

… and fin and head and lips and eyes and scales! There was a whole school of fish in the Lake the other week, all swimming around each other. This one managed to beat the rest to the… Read More

Not the Top of My Head!

Yes, before you mistake the above photo for another of my fabulous Selfies, I thought I’d set the record straight! It’s actually the top of a loaf I’ve just made. I say I, but I only added the… Read More