For Becky’s KindaSquares today, I’ve opted for a kindly sign: a white feather.

Feathers are one of the reminders that our Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters or Angels are with us, and keeping an eye on us. I’ve been seeing a lot of white feathers of late… this is just one of them!

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30 thoughts

  1. I have been finding feathers lately. Well, two last week, one from Mr. Bluebird and one I don’t recognize, but it’s too large for Mrs. Phoebe. It’s gray. I keep them, as they are messages from spirit. I try to take note where I find them and what that might say about their message as well,,,, Happy feathering TL….VK

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    1. Possibly, Jo… but we don’t have that many white birds around here… and with all the feathers lying around, the bird in question may not be all that pretty! 😳😂


  2. I love finding white feathers, my late father was a postman and he always collected rubber bands, whenever I’m stressed or going to hospital I usually see a rubber band on the ground which reminds me he’s always around. 😇

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        1. I don’t know where all these white feathers I’m seeing are coming from! Most of the birds around here are brown or grey, and the magpies are black and white…

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  3. White feathers are most definitely messages which are sent just for you. Only you will know the message which is being sent, for if you are the finder, then the message is yours. Trust your instincts Tom. You are in receipt of what I call ‘Postcards from Heaven’.

    Oh …. and I keep every white feather which I find. All are kept inside a large glass jar – apart from two feathers, which are much too big to keep in the jar.
    Sending Sunday Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. I love your ‘Postcards from Heaven’, Cobs. I save some feathers, but not all I come across. I’ll need a bigger Mansion if I did! 🙂 I send you Tuesday Squidges in return!

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