Beyond the Sphere

Emergency Smalls

I wouldn’t say that I am the type of person who leaves everything to the last minute. I leave quite a lot of things, but not everything.

I mean, why do today what can be put off until tomorrow? Right?

Only, that phrase comes with a slight flaw. Several slight flaws actually.

If I put off driving to work until the next day, I’d never get there. So, instantly, the logic falls flat here. OK, I know that I could walk instead, but a little voice is saying why walk when there is a perfectly good car there? And besides, if I was to walk, due to the lack of exercise I have had lately, it would probably take me until tomorrow to walk there anyway.

I could never put food off until tomorrow.

Laundry. Clothes washing. This needs to be done when it needs to be done. No ifs. No buts.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

I’ve, kind of, left my smalls washing to the very last minute. Extremely last minute. As in just finished now and I hope they are dry for tomorrow last minute. I mean, they should be, but what if they aren’t?

I have them airing in the warmest and most airy room in the Mansion, so they should be dry, but if not, everything isn’t lost.

No, not at all.

I have my emergency smalls supply at hand.

The last time I was in an emergency situation such as this was back in 1995, and everything was fine. The day passed without incident, and normal smalls wear was resumed the very next day.

This time around shouldn’t cause any issues either.

Unless, the emergency smalls chest is holding the ‘other’ smalls. The holey ones. If this is the case, the word ‘smalls’ would also be an infringement of the trades descriptions act (or the clothing equivalent) – I’ve seen smaller king-size bed sheets.

I daren’t look in the chest just now. I’ll wait to see if everything is dry in the morning. If not, there’s still three choices:

Large smalls

Damp smalls

No smalls

But, as in any emergency situation: Keep calm and carry on.


I feel shame for the thugs who throw their rocks
In the name of how ‘it feels right’ for them
Burning a store, a stranger’s car,
Attacking people at random.
I feel shame for the groups who organise events
In the name of ‘sorting things out’
Causing havoc, distress
Attacking everyday life.
I feel shame for the ‘people’ who hide their faces
So they don’t get filmed enticing actions
To split communities
And cause nothing but pain and suffering

I am grateful for the Law of Karma.
I am grateful for the Law of Tenfold Return.

I hope the correct balance is restored very quickly across this great Land.
Now, though, I feel ashamed.

I don’t like feeling ashamed.

Not the usual ‘Feel Good!’ post this evening, for which I apologise. I am, however, still focussed on the side of good even though my words above may not show it.

Scams – beware!

To most people, this time of the year is about goodwill to all men, and joy to the world! To most people. To some, it is a time for them to get what they can at any cost, regardless of any moral code they may pretend to have.

I received a letter a couple of days ago from the Financial Services Authority. They wrote to me (not only to me, I must add – I’m not that special!) telling me of a list that has been discovered containing my details, and details of almost 50,000 other people, who may be – or may have been – contacted by fraudsters offering ‘once in a lifetime chances’ or ‘investment opportunities’, when their intention is take as much money as they can without anything being returned. These types of scams are called ‘Boiler rooms’ apparently, and they sound very convincing. Well, they wouldn’t be con-men if they didn’t.

If you receive a call offering something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so proceed with caution – some people have lost in excess of £20,000 due to these scammers.

As a firm believer in the Law of Threefold Return (and the even more powerful power of tenfold return…) I know that the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ is very true, but sometimes the return isn’t as instant as we would like it to be. The FSA have a good list of current scams that are in operation at present that they are aware of, so visit their website for more details.

I really don’t know how people who do this sort of thing can actually live with themselves, but with more awareness, and a little more forward planning, fewer people will fall victim to the unscrupulous minority.

Sorry, deep post. Just thought I’d mention it. Better to be forewarned and ready rather than being caught off guard. At anytime, but more so at this time of the year.


Hello world!

Well, hello indeed!

I’ve decided to start blogging. See that picture up there? That’s the universe, that is! Well part of it. I’m not sure if it’s the part that I’m in, but thinking about it, it can’t be, as I’m here and that’s there. But thinking about it more, the uni-verse is just one rhythm, and everything is part of that one-ness, so I am in that universe. And it is in me.

I’m loving the universe, and everything in it.

I don’t understand a lot of what is going on in it, but I’ve decided to use this blog to try to get my thoughts and experiences into some sort of order. They say out of chaos comes order, so we’ll see. Not that my life is chaotic or anything, I must add.

As well as loving the universe, I’m a fan of cartoons (so expect to see a lot of them in my blog – and many thanks to the creators who, unless they read this, won’t know that I’ve ‘borrowed’ their work.) I’m a bit of a dreamer, and my imagination runs wild at times, so there may be times that my blog will make no sense whatsoever (it will do in the grand scheme of things, I promise!) I believe in the Law of Attraction, Cosmic Ordering, Witchcraft, the power of the universe (hence the bit at the beginning… see a bit more sense got!) Sadly, I work Monday to Friday, so don’t have much time to do very much nowadays (like exercise, lose weight, socialise, have fun etc.) but I try to do a bit. There’ll probably be a bit more information about me throughout the blog, as it is about me.

I try not to be judgmental but sometimes it’s hard not to be when I come across something I don’t like. All I ask is that (if you decide to read my blogs on a regular basis) you don’t judge me too harshly. Words on a screen can be interpreted in many different ways to their true meaning, and I mean no offence in what I write. But if you do judge me harshly, I’m not that bothered – it’s your own judgment, your own personal thoughts, and anything personal of yours has nothing to do with me. Oh, and remember the Power of Threefold Return (usually applies to deeds, but can work for thoughts too!)

I’m also writing a book. I’ve not actually started it yet, but have been planning the plotlines for the last few months, so occasionally, I’ll try some snippets out on here, to see how things look. The book will be an acclaimed success – I know that much!

I’ll not use any real names in my blog (you didn’t really think I’m called Aquatom, did you?) and promise to stick to the truth (unless I’m posting excerpts from my book, or other made-up stuff) and will ‘pad out’ other details of my life as the blog progresses.

This is a work in motion. I hope it will be fun (I intend it to be, even the heavy stuff). If you want to come along for the journey, you are more than welcome. If not, I’ll be here if you want to pop back every now and then to have a nosey.

And here’s a bit of fun for today’s blog…

Until next time!