I feel shame for the thugs who throw their rocks
In the name of how ‘it feels right’ for them
Burning a store, a stranger’s car,
Attacking people at random.
I feel shame for the groups who organise events
In the name of ‘sorting things out’
Causing havoc, distress
Attacking everyday life.
I feel shame for the ‘people’ who hide their faces
So they don’t get filmed enticing actions
To split communities
And cause nothing but pain and suffering

I am grateful for the Law of Karma.
I am grateful for the Law of Tenfold Return.

I hope the correct balance is restored very quickly across this great Land.
Now, though, I feel ashamed.

I don’t like feeling ashamed.

Not the usual ‘Feel Good!’ post this evening, for which I apologise. I am, however, still focussed on the side of good even though my words above may not show it.

2 thoughts on “Shame

  1. I don’t like the feeling either Sir Aquatom, and they have done this, through actions which defy belief. The sheer destructiveness/ greed / violence goes against everything we believe in and need to survive as a race. I do feel ashamed, but they don’t, they feel exhilaration at being noticed, filmed World Wide, and most of all they feel totally untouchable. That is the dangerous and shaming part. How did it come to this?


    • Hi Pen! I was on a bit of a downer yesterday due to some annoying people, and nearly didn’t even write a post, but decided to in the end, and it turned out to be a bit of a moan. Ah well, never mind.
      Something seems to have slipped into the minds of some people and they have lost all sense of reason, decency, morality and humanity. How it happened and where it came from I do not know, but I don’t think any of it had anything to do with the initial protests last week. Throw them all in the stocks is what I say!


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