Scams – beware!

To most people, this time of the year is about goodwill to all men, and joy to the world! To most people. To some, it is a time for them to get what they can at any cost, regardless of any moral code they may pretend to have.

I received a letter a couple of days ago from the Financial Services Authority. They wrote to me (not only to me, I must add – I’m not that special!) telling me of a list that has been discovered containing my details, and details of almost 50,000 other people, who may be – or may have been – contacted by fraudsters offering ‘once in a lifetime chances’ or ‘investment opportunities’, when their intention is take as much money as they can without anything being returned. These types of scams are called ‘Boiler rooms’ apparently, and they sound very convincing. Well, they wouldn’t be con-men if they didn’t.

If you receive a call offering something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so proceed with caution – some people have lost in excess of £20,000 due to these scammers.

As a firm believer in the Law of Threefold Return (and the even more powerful power of tenfold return…) I know that the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ is very true, but sometimes the return isn’t as instant as we would like it to be. The FSA have a good list of current scams that are in operation at present that they are aware of, so visit their website for more details.

I really don’t know how people who do this sort of thing can actually live with themselves, but with more awareness, and a little more forward planning, fewer people will fall victim to the unscrupulous minority.

Sorry, deep post. Just thought I’d mention it. Better to be forewarned and ready rather than being caught off guard. At anytime, but more so at this time of the year.


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