It’s Debbie’s One Word Sunday, and the theme is Skyline. Today, I’m sharing the post between both Debbie’s and Becky’s challenges. Remember, Becky’s Squares challenge for October is KindaSquares.

I’ve gone for a natural kind of skyline in this post, with the Welsh hills providing a pleasant kind of barrier between road and sky.

Visit both Debbie’s and Becky’s sites for more kinds of photographic interpretations!

25 thoughts

    1. It isn’t that far over, Chris. I’ve had to look on Google Streetview to see where it is. I always class Llandudno as being the pier on the North Shore Beach side, the ‘other side’ is the West Shore Beach side and West Parade. It looks slightly different on Streetview though!

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      1. Oh, okay. I had a quick squizz on Google Maps. My word, it’s changed. Mind you, I was working out there in the late 80s / early 90s. Gulp! That’s a long, long time ago. I remember being instructed by the Underwriting Manager not to park under the Great Orme in case a rock tumbled on the company’s pool car!

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