Gerald sat on his chair looking out of the window, almost daydreaming. Beyond the large garden, Eptic Avenue outside was a much more pleasant view than the previous road he overlooked, and his bungalow had a lot more space than his bedsit. With a living room and dining room come kitchen and three bedrooms, not including the dormer bedroom, and a bathroom, not including the en-suite in the master bedroom, he had much more room than he really needed. He’d changed the dormer room into his office, and it was at the front window where he now pondered his next book.

He was still working on his piece about the interactions between the Gods and Goddesses, but decided to leave that for a while, and work on another piece of writing. He’d decided to use two central characters; two demons in fact. One, the male, was red-skinned with stumpy horns poking through his hairline and a long tail. The female had green skin and a gentle-looking face and nature, who tended to be a little accident prone. In fact both demons were prone to more than a couple of mishaps.

His idea was to send these two characters on a quest to find six objects, hidden in various places and times. The characters would find the objects, he wrote, and meet some interestingly different people along the way. Once they found out about the objects, and the means to find them, their true quest would begin.

“A map” he said. “They need an interactive map which will send them to the various places to obtain the artefacts. But how can they get the map? Oh, they’ll just find it. I’ll write that one of them ends up at a place where the map will come so easily, it’s unbelievable. Yes. That’s it.”

He began to write.

The two demons looked at the list of objects they had to find. Unusual, yet somewhat every day objects, but they had no idea where to start looking. They couldn’t search online as they didn’t have a computer, not that they’d know how to use it to begin with. The local internet cafΓ© had closed down in 2005 so that was no help to any of them, although it now served a nice coffee if they ever ventured in there.

Would demons drink tea or coffee? Oh, these will. Never mind. Carry on.

One of them.

Who? The man.

The man.

I can’t call them the man and the woman. Oh, I can come back to that.

The man looked at the list the woman handed him. “Where do we even begin?” he asked.

The woman replied without speaking.

Replied without speaking. No! That won’t do. Who replies without speaking?

The woman gently smiled and touched the man’s arm. “We’ll find a way. Maybe a portal will open up and swallow one of us, dropping us off at the precise location we need.”

Yes, I like that. A portal. The interactive map can open these portals as well. Yes. The first portal can appear out of the blue. I can come back to how and why it appeared later.

The woman jumped back as a bright orange glow surrounded the man. She fell back into the sofa that was behind her, closing her eyes as she did. When she reopened them, the light and the man had vanished.

“Oh dear!” She said. “What do I do now?”
What indeed? Maybe the next part of the Sinster’s quest will reveal more.
Part One here.

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                1. Thanks, Cobs. Took a bit of a dip, mood-wise, this afternoon so I’ve thrown together a quick splattering of colour for my other blog, which made me feel better. And obviously, squidges always help! I’m generously reflecting some of those squidges back at you! πŸ™‚

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                  1. Ah, dips in mood are just those moments when the roller coaster we call ‘life’ are getting ready to climb and take your breath away.
                    Don’t feel obliged to make posts Tom – if you don’t feel up to it, just let it wait for another day. Your followers will still follow you and we won’t pressure you for words. Probably after a fortnight we might send you a cheery message, and those folks who know you well might email you to say ‘hello’ and ask if you’re ok. But blogging is meant to be a fun thing…. so please don’t make yourself feel like it’s another job that you’re obliged to turn up and earn your salary for.

                    Squidges … aw I looove squidges. My favourite squidge is the one I give out – I’m absolutely a touchy feely gal, so Coronavirus is pain to me. I can’t shake hands, touch someone on the arm, or … squidge, and I hate it.

                    I bought something from a lady on Ebay last week, and it was a local collection. I learned through chatting with her that she’d lost her husband a year ago (in a few days time), and she was the most lovely lady I’ve spoken to in ages. I so wanted to give her a squidge when I left after collecting the item. Such a truly lovely lady who was trying and fighting her grief.

                    So … knowing that I’m absolutely a 100% squidgy person .. I’m sending you a big bucket (an old metal fire bucket – a bit bashed and dinked, but all the more beautiful because of it’s age and dinks) filled to over-flowing with squidges, with the instructions to take as many as you want, whenever you want. No restriction on how many per day. You can jump in and swim in them if you want. And … if you run out before I top them up, you can simply tell me you need a re-fill and I’ll fill that bucket up pronto!

                    Sending much love, from me in my corner, to you in yours. ~ Cobs. x

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                    1. Thanks Cobs… the squidges help! πŸ™‚
                      No, when I go into one of my flunks, which don’t occur often – thank goodness! – I find using my mind and trying to create something claws me out of them… and I love posting and writing and creating on WordPress. If I take a break from blogging, it isn’t flunk related! πŸ˜€
                      I think flunks are the opposite of squidges. If they were monsters, squidges would be warm, bright and fluffy, whereas flunks would be cold, dark and sharp. Much prefer squidges!
                      I think I’m still on that upward slope on life’s rollercoaster 🎒, but feeling far better than the other day! I much prefer Feeling Good!
                      Thanks again, Cobs! πŸ™‚

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