December 21st

December 21st will soon be here
Some folk are happy, yet others live in fear
Some are preparing for the end of the world
Patiently waiting to see just what will unfurl

December 21st is when the sun ‘stands still’
The solstice, well one of them, if you will!
The day of the year that’s shorter than the rest
And the day that a prophecy is put to the test

December 21st is a day like any other
Still with things waiting for us to discover
Things such as calmness, happiness and hope
Will always be here, helping us to cope

December 21st will be the day that it is
No need to stress, or get into a tizz,
Have fun on the day, start something new
Carry it forward onto day twenty two!

2012. Doom and gloom. Prophecies. Fear, foreboding and darkness.
Doesn’t sound very good, when everything points to the negative. Which is precisely the whole point of negativity, really. You can’t feel good and be negative.

You can, however, look at things in a positive light. Now that makes you feel good!

The world will not end on December 21st 2012. Although I can’t be certain of that, I’m prepared to run with that theory. There have been many times in the past when the world was expected to come to a shattering conclusion, and yet here we are, still talking about them. Keep on keeping on.

The world will end on December 21st. Although I can’t be certain of that, lots of people, books, prophecies, movies, and other sources are telling me this is fact. It must be true… so many different sources can’t be wrong. Can they?

But wait. It can’t do both. End and not end.

Even that last sentence ends in ‘not end’; ‘not end and end’ doesn’t sound right… flow right. So there we have it! It doesn’t need to make any sense whatsoever, but logic dictates the outcome here. Come December 22nd, we’ll be doing what we always have. Living on an amazing planet, hurtling through space, wondering what all the fuss was over. And then, I predict, a new prophecy will be discovered. A new date for the end of the world.

I’m throwing a blog party on December 21st. Pop along, if you like, and add a comment on that day’s post linking to your blog, a friend’s blog, an article you have written based on one or more of my little writing challenges, an article you really like on someone else’s blog, paint a picture, sing a song, promote yourself and others, or just come along and say ‘Hi’ to any other blogger who may be on line at the time. Or to the whole world, which will still be here on the 22nd.

Oh, the theme of the party is the End of the World. And Spectacular Solstice. And Yay! Betelgeuse survived another year. And New Beginnings. And December 21st. Lots of reasons to celebrate. And if, IF, the world comes to an end, well, we’ve had a nice little party to send her off!

It’s all about feeling good, having fun, and turning negativity around. And promotion, of course!

28 thoughts on “December 21st

  1. Loved this Tom and yes the world will end, it does everyday and begins again! The future never comes, the past is always gone, all there ever is the present moment…oh dear..way too much tatt for this early in the morning! I love your blog party idea! love it!


  2. Yesterday is done, tomorrow never comes, so we are left with the gift of today which is why we call it ‘The Present!!! 🙂

    See you on the 21st dude! 🙂

    God Bless!



    • Thanks, Nancy.
      I realised my not-so-serious approach may slightly cause some further discomfort to anyone who is actually feeling fearful of the day, and I wanted to go for the opposite, which was why I wrote my little rhyme! If it happens it happens, but it shouldn’t really be a reason to stop us feeling good in the now! 😀 But yes, there will be an ending and a new beginning, as usual!


  3. Loved this Tom,
    Lets celebrate the beginning of the world on the 21sts.. we each should treat each day as a new day… And yes you are so right without the negative we wouldnt know the positive.. Its the Balance we need….
    Love your Poem…. Looking forward to the 21st and to the 22nd … Hope I have a hangover! and I dont drink! 🙂

    Hope you had a Brilliant weekend Tom.
    me I was playing Santa and off on my Spiritual Walk-abouts on Sunday…

    Wrap up warm ready for that Cold Blast! brrrrrrrrrr


    • Ah yes, we’re being treated to a little bit of Siberia! 😀
      Thanks, Sue! Yes, The Beginning of the World has a good ring to it – I should have gone for that rather than my New Beginnings option… but they’re nearly the same thing though!
      Yes, I had a good weekend, thanks for asking! Sounds like you had fun!


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