Beyond the Sphere

Tales from the Superhero Diaries Halloween Special

Artificial smoke filled the room spreading the different colours of the lights around, casting shadows from all of the different types of people who were gathered there. Most were dancing in a group in the centre of the… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Around Hallowe’en

The bright orange light caused King Rabletop III to run into the Great Hall. Queen Ellimayee swiftly followed. In the centre of the room stood a strangely-dressed woman, with green skin. “Who are you?” Demanded Rabletop, with as… Read More

Reverence Halloween Special

The rough wood of the table’s surface came to Gemevere’s attention. She sat upright on the bench and stretched her neck, hearing it crack at least six times. “Blarmey!” she said. She stretched her back, and her spine… Read More

Epic Mythology: Halloween Special

Mystic K’Sandra peered into her ball Seeing a figure, red-skinned and tall Confused and bewildered, head-pecked and flapped When upon her door a loud knocking rapped She opened the door to see the red-skinned male Demon with horns… Read More

Legendary Circles (Halloween Special)

Gerald sat on his chair looking out of the window, almost daydreaming. Beyond the large garden, Eptic Avenue outside was a much more pleasant view than the previous road he overlooked, and his bungalow had a lot more… Read More