Beyond the Sphere

Clear the Mind; Soothe the Soul

Clear thoughts In a clear head Soothe the soul It must be said See the clarity Filled with light Negativity Out of sight I’m just casting aside negativity today. I’m casting a Feel Good spell. For the good… Read More

The Superhero Diaries 5.20: Wet Weekend

Matthew Mist, master of mystical misty mysticism, invites YOU to attend the magnificent Wet Weekend. Held this year in the heavenly Thunderstruck Manor Gardens, you will find yourself both awed and dumbstruck by feats of magic so uncanny… Read More

A Touch of Pink

It’s in there, somewhere! Just below the sky there is Port Said in Egypt, about a hundred years ago (or so it seems today!) I’m clutching at straws for todays #InThePink entry,  but there’s a hint of a… Read More