Beyond the Sphere

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.4: Rejected

Green Gladiator left the EFB Building and punched the brick wall in frustration, hurting his knuckles in the process. “Owwww!!!” He wailed, swiftly looking around to see if anyone had either seen or heard him. “I’m such an… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.2: Under Control

On one side, Lycralad, Firetop, Invisible Charlie and Muriel Magnificent; on the other, the Cloud, Crimson Songbird, Green Gladiator and a rather strange-looking man with an ill-fitting suit, bad hair and a gruff voice. At the top of… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.1: A Brewing Storm

Psychic Sue walked into the kitchen of the headquarters of the Elite Force of Britain, and instantly stumbled forwards. The Cloud was in the room, making himself a cup of tea when he saw her. He dashed over,… Read More

The Superhero Diaries 5.22: Witches & Demons

It is said that the travellers come, Armed with fragons, lies and some With intent looks upon their faces They search for hidden hiding places View’d from a distant observation point These visitors, a leader do they appoint… Read More

The Superhero Diaries 5.21: Aliens & Monsters

The skies were full yesterday, Wednesday. Wyverns soared and swooped and screeched as they found themselves free. The ‘mythical’ creatures had been released from their own domain by an other-worldly race known as the ‘Flatnotes’, according to Psychic… Read More