The Superhero Diaries 5.22: Witches & Demons

It is said that the travellers come,
Armed with fragons, lies and some
With intent looks upon their faces
They search for hidden hiding places

View’d from a distant observation point
These visitors, a leader do they appoint
To venture far and wider still
To ensure their fragons have free will

They wander aimlessly, searching all
Finding nothing as darkness falls
The lands they search are dark, unsafe
Home to many demons and wraiths

Finally, a clearing they do find
Amidst a range of hills that bind
The fields in which the fragons play
Before the travellers rest for the day

When morning comes and the fragons sleep
The travellers attempt to leave their keep
And head away from their prison land
But the island has other things planned

First they meet the witches three
Who give to them a simple plea
To reach the tower and clear the hex
And restore the life of Ganthenex

So, Ganthenex, the Demon of all demons, returns. Obviously, this has to end with a…

To Be Continued…!

And so it will, and will be seen
Throughout the night of

This part actually ends this rather long run of The Superhero Diaries for this year. As mentioned above, the team will be back on Hallowe’en for this year’s Special; and then they will return sometime next year… or will they?

The Superhero Diaries 5.21: Aliens & Monsters

The skies were full yesterday, Wednesday. Wyverns soared and swooped and screeched as they found themselves free. The ‘mythical’ creatures had been released from their own domain by an other-worldly race known as the ‘Flatnotes’, according to Psychic Sue of the Elite Force of Britain.

“The Flatnotes have been trying to gain access to our world for some time now,” explains Psychic Sue, “but we are ensuring to keep them behind the dimensional barrier. The thing is, from time to time, they can ‘reach through’ the barrier, usually by icy hands grabbing unsuspecting passersby. This is only the second time they have actually been able to send something physical through the barrier, and the first time on such a huge scale.

“The wyverns themselves are harmless, and are enjoying their freedom here, but they do appear to be frightening and so we must herd them together to prevent widespread panic. There is a small island that is large enough to house these dragon-like creatures, which is currently in the Mediterranean. I say currently, as the island of Middlehaven has a tendency to travel. A couple of years ago, it appeared south of the Isle of Man. Anything on the island can never leave, unless mystically allowed to do so, so it will be ideal for these creatures. There are people who live on the island, mystics themselves who have advised us that they are prepared and willing to look after these misplaced animals.

“They already look after a herd of pterodactyls so should have no problems with another species. Our task is rounding them all up and getting them onto the island.”

All of the Elite Force of Britain was out trying to gather the creatures together, using a blended and herbal sleeping potion created by Sia Klath, the teams’ newest member. It took over six hours to round up every creature, the last one proving to be the most difficult to catch as it seemed to be playing with the heroes.

“That is exactly what it was doing,” Psychic Sue explains, “It was a juvenile, and had incredible fun trying to outsmart us. We caught him in the end, though, as he eventually realised he was vastly out-numbered. We always try our best when on a mission, no matter how exhausted we feel.”

Shortly after the interview, Psychic Sue and a few other members of the EFB left with the wyverns to venture to Middlehaven Isle.

The Superhero Diaries 5.20: Wet Weekend

Matthew Mist, master of mystical misty mysticism, invites YOU to attend the magnificent Wet Weekend. Held this year in the heavenly Thunderstruck Manor Gardens, you will find yourself both awed and dumbstruck by feats of magic so uncanny you will surely feel you are dreaming.

With Nature’s elements being kept at bay by our modern and cutting edge technology provided by our own Weather Men, feel free to wear your best summer clothes and finest exquisite jewellery, neither of which will become damaged by the weather’s fiercest attempts to break through the barricades.

With magic being key, those elements will be heightened so you may find an item or two of yours strangely disappear during the day’s events – all of which is designed to fit in with the day’s celebrations naturally.

Come along!

Dress to Really Impress!

Feel the Power!

See the Magic!

Tickets will be on sale on the day at the main entrance to Thunderstruck Manor, with the magic occurring throughout the day. Turn up and see. Turn up and Feel the Magic!

Something dodgy? Sounds too good? It probably is. Lucky that the Superheroes are onto it!

Did you notice those photos in the flyer? One of them looks remarkably like one of mine, this one:

Which I was going to post as part of Becky’s #InThePink September Squares challenge. Trust those dastardly supervillains to try to scupper my plans. But I’ve shown them! More pink squares can be found at the link below…

pink squares

The Superhero Diaries 5.19: Decoded

The Elite Force of Britain.

A team of superheroes who joined forces years ago to uphold peace and tranquillity – or the illusion thereof. They try. They try very hard. Occasionally, they are thanked for the work they do, but generally they aren’t. To most, they simply exist. But they don’t do what they do for thanks… or glory… they simply do what they feel they  must.

Somehow, documents are emerging from the private files, the locked cases and the personal diaries of the superheroes, and leaked out into the wider world. Some of these leaked items stem from beyond our world, and out from the vastness of the great Universe beyond.

One report, in alien transcript, has somehow been translated…


Sia Klath, you are immediately ordered to hand yourself over to the Galactic Guard. Their vessel is in orbit around the planet you call Earth.

I will never hand myself over to a team of criminals, Lord Klam. I provided you with the evidence I gathered of their wrongdoings, yet you choose to ignore that evidence. Instead, you chase me half way across the Galaxy, thinking me the criminal.

You abandoned your people. That is reason enough.

I abandoned my people because I had no choice. Your Galactic Guard were ready to overthrow the palatial compound and claim the Star Dominion as their own. As Queen, I will not allow it. And as Queen in Exile nobody can assume the position of overall ruler.

Sia Klath, I repeat you must hand yourself over to the Galactic Guard or face dire consequences.

Do not threaten me, Klam. I am still your Queen, regardless of whom you are, or the planet upon which I choose to dwell. And by our own interplanetary laws whilst I am here you are not allowed to set one foot upon its ground. As, alas, I am forbidden to leave this world whilst the conflict of interests exists.

One more time, Sia Klath, come peacefully, or we must take you by force.

Klam. Go back to Starnado and review the evidence once more. Do not be the Galactic Guard’s puppet. I have agents on the homeworld still gathering evidence of the infiltration and despicable acts this sorry organisation are undertaking. Disband the service if need be. Resolve the conflict. And then, I will consider returning.
You have no right to be in the vicinity of Earth, or any of the planets in this Solar System. By being here, it is you who is committing the offence under our own laws.

And it is due to those laws that we are here for you, Sia Klath.

You know the royal privilege well enough, my brother, which is why I know you are here alone without those Galactic Guard clones. Only royalty may leave the perimeters of the Dominion of Stars without punishment. This is the exact reason we introduced the Monarch in Exile sub clause millennia ago.

So, my sister; you will not return.

Alas not, Klam. I am kept well informed as to the activities within the Dominion, and I have enough of my forces able to keep control there, but my exile is the best place for everyone at the moment. Once the infiltrators are removed and the Galactic Guard stripped of their illegal powers, then the time will be right for my return.

This then, may be the last time we communicate.

It doesn’t have to be, my brother. Unless, that is, you take sides with the enemy. And with me being here, you are effectively the High Prince. As Queen in Exile, I still hold my power but it is somewhat reduced. You are now in command on the front line. The communication channel to my ship is always open, if I am available to respond.
Please for the sake of these Earthlings, do not return, and do not allow the Galactic Guard to know there is civilisation anywhere in this Solar System. Having them try to destroy our civilisation is bad enough.

Very well, my sister, I tried. I will do as you request, and look further into the evidence you have gathered. When I return to Starnado I shall declare you Queen in Exile, which I know is not what the Galactic Guard want, which will then allow for more evidence to be gathered.

Farewell, my brother, and may you find speed in resolving the hidden conflict.

Farewell, my Queen. May you make a speedy return home?

The Superhero Diaries 5.18: Transformation

My Dear EFB Colleagues,

I’m writing this today as a means of an apology. An apology owing to the fact that, as it stands right now, I haven’t had the chance to say good-bye; although that good-bye is in this form.

As you know, due to my powers being imbued upon me by Hera and the other Olympian Gods and Goddesses themselves, I can live a lot longer than most mere mortals. In fact, I am immortal myself, only every five hundred years or so, I have to undergo a metamorphosis, and become, in essence, a different person.

I am still me, with all my memories and abilities, but to you I will look like someone completely different.

Please do not be afraid.

This is the price for having these abilities, and I am willing to pay it.

I will be absent for a short time whilst the metamorphosis takes place, so it is advisable to leave me to it whilst it occurs. If I’m disturbed, nothing major will happen, apart from the process being slowed down a little, and I’d rather get straight back to work as soon as I can.

As I have said, I will still have my memories, and will remember each and every one of you, but I know how disconcerting it will be looking at a different face.

With time, it will get easier.

I look forward to getting to know the new me, as I hope you will too. Although, I have a feeling that the old me may be cropping up here and there from time to time as well, considering we have access to the Open Timeline anything is now possible.

So, it is a heartfelt good-bye from the old Muriel Magnificent, and a cheery hello from the new and improved version!

Just please, do not touch my cardigans!

See you after metamorphosis!