Beyond the Sphere

Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area

Blogging from me may be slightly more sporadic than usual, for the next few weeks at least (what do you mean ‘more than usual???’). External forces have conspired against me, and a family member’s health issues (broken bones,… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.10: Mistery

Firetop was drenched. Matthew Mist had somehow managed to increase his control over the element of water, and constantly drove Firetop back as a horde of stocky henchmen ran amok around the prestigious marina. Firetop had managed to… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.9: Unfortunate Circumstances Part Three

They arrived back at the headquarters in double-quick time. Lycralad opened the door swiftly and ran inside, holding it open so Angela and the Cloud could go straight in. Muriel Magnificent was walking into the kitchen when she… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.8: Unfortunate Circumstances Part Two

Lycralad was in the kitchen, making a cup of tea. The Cloud walked in and sat at the table, waiting for him to finish. “Do you want a cuppa?” Lycralad asked, with his usual chirpy tone. “No, not… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.7: Unfortunate Circumstances

Angela managed to squeeze inside the door, behind the queue that stretched its way around the bank. She checked her watch, thinking ’10:30. It shouldn’t be this busy now’, but then stood and waited behind the man wearing… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.6: Rage

“Thank you for coming – please come again soon!” The waitress waved after the foursome as they left the Pyramid Lounge. “She was friendly, considering we only had one glass of water each!” Gladiator said, looking back and… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.5: Whispers

The Green Gladiator, Stealth Gentleman, Crimson Songbird and Parrot Girl met in the Pyramid Lounge, as they’d arranged earlier that day, in their civilian identities. Viridian had opened a psychic link with the Stealth Gentleman, and was able… Read More

The Superhero Diaries 5.22: Witches & Demons

It is said that the travellers come, Armed with fragons, lies and some With intent looks upon their faces They search for hidden hiding places View’d from a distant observation point These visitors, a leader do they appoint… Read More

The Superhero Diaries 5.21: Aliens & Monsters

The skies were full yesterday, Wednesday. Wyverns soared and swooped and screeched as they found themselves free. The ‘mythical’ creatures had been released from their own domain by an other-worldly race known as the ‘Flatnotes’, according to Psychic… Read More

The Superhero Diaries 5.20: Wet Weekend

Matthew Mist, master of mystical misty mysticism, invites YOU to attend the magnificent Wet Weekend. Held this year in the heavenly Thunderstruck Manor Gardens, you will find yourself both awed and dumbstruck by feats of magic so uncanny… Read More

The Superhero Diaries 5.19: Decoded

The Elite Force of Britain. A team of superheroes who joined forces years ago to uphold peace and tranquillity – or the illusion thereof. They try. They try very hard. Occasionally, they are thanked for the work they… Read More

The Superhero Diaries 5.18: Transformation

My Dear EFB Colleagues, I’m writing this today as a means of an apology. An apology owing to the fact that, as it stands right now, I haven’t had the chance to say good-bye; although that good-bye is… Read More