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View from the window: Blurosaurus!


Shocking view from the window today… absolutely terrible, in fact.

I heard a strange rumbling noise outside, almost like a stampede, coming from the Grinds. I was on the ground floor, around back and I glanced out of the window, only to see dinosaurs running passed. Running in circles in fact, for some strange reason.

There were also mountains in the distance, and palm trees. There are no mountains or palm trees in the Grinds, which can only mean one thing: the Mansion has shifted again!

I tried to capture the image as best I could, but as everything was moving so quickly, I could only get some really awful images… three terrible ones in fact. The blurred one above is by far the best. And here are the other two:The lighting is all wrong, and the third one I don’t think I was even looking toward the window! I’m actually quite surprised that I didn’t manage to capture my thumb in the image as well… or my eye – I just grabbed my mobile phone and took the picture! (The third one was the first one I took… by the way)

There were also a couple of pterodactyls circling overhead – you can just about see one in the middle pane, at the top. Yes, the black smudge is a pterodactyl.

The thing is, the back door was open.

I mean, I’ve had a good look around and haven’t seen anything, but some of those dinosaurs are quite small; some are human-sized and others are massive. The small to human-sized ones could have easily fitted through the door, if they wanted to. I suppose the massive ones could have had a go as well, if they were so inclined!

I don’t think any of them have come in before the Mansion shifted again, but just thought I’d mention it.
You know.
Just in case…

The Face in the Crystal Ball

I have an amethyst pyramid which I keep beside my computer. And beside the pyramid, I have a snowflake obsidian crystal ball. Both crystals stand out against all the technology and papers and other clutter that is around, but are always comforting. A natural energy to balance out the static electricity and artificial light from the monitor.

I like to hold the crystals from time to time, I like to feel the coolness of them, and the sharp, straight edges of the pyramid and the never ending edge of the crystal ball.

The crystal ball looked different from how I remembered it last. The white spots seem to be slightly greyer than I remember, and they appear to be more in clusters rather than all over the surface of the sphere. However, the white spots (snowflakes) are actually grey in colour.

Black bands swirl around, one in fact completely goes full circle, around what I class as the top of the crystal ball. Obviously, it’s round so it has no top or bottom. And these swirls put me in mind of the markings on the planet Jupiter.

The thing is, behind the white markings, there was something else. Something I’d never seen before. A face? Well, head and shoulders definitely. I thought at first that it was a reflection of my face, but as I moved, the face didn’t, and stayed where it was. In fact, I moved away, and could still make out the outline of the head and shoulders.

Looking at the crystal ball now, all I can see is the reflection of the room – the figure that was peering out at me has gone.

Very strange.

In a good way, I hasten to add!

Snowflake obsidian balances the mind, body and spirit, and can be used for divination, grounding, protection, and scrying, among other things.

My snowflake obsidian crystal ball is photographed above, with my amethyst pyramid, and a little angel statue that I also keep by my computer. They are extremely close to the camera as well… they aren’t really that size!

View from the window: Hidden secrets!

The view from the small window this morning is of one of the great Pyramids. I love the Pyramids, and the Sphinx of course, obviously because of their ties to way back when.

It actually looks nice and warm out there, and calm, which is always a good thing. Here, temperatures are set to plummet once again, with even more snow forecast… ah well. Spring will really be here soon. I can feel it.

Just as I mentioned in my Stonehenge post yesterday,  the Pyramids fill me with awe. And, the secrets that those Ancient Egyptians hid inside all those years ago help to give clues as to how civilisation was back then.

We think of ourselves as technologically advanced nowadays, but sometimes, I think we rely on technology a little too much… and this is really felt when our technology breaks down on us.

I wonder how the Ancients built not one, but many of these great structures, without the equipment we have now. And, as these secrets weren’t hidden anywhere, I think I’ll be wondering for a long time.

Just maybe, the Ancients have hidden their secrets, somewhere so well they just haven’t been discovered yet. We’re still discovering life on this great planet of ours, so it isn’t unreasonable. And I wonder yet again, if these secrets were to be discovered, would we start to use them once more… or continue with our more ‘modern’ practises?

Sideview’s weekend theme this week is Hiding Something, and I instantly thought of a hidden secret when I first saw the theme. The secrets of the Pyramids came to me after writing yesterday’s post!

Through Light and Dark

See this picture here? The picture that Sideview has set as her weekend theme for this week? The picture of the corridor with all those doors, and the shadows and the light parts and the other door at the end? That picture is how I see my mind.

Not all of it, but the place where I need to go when I’m searching for a memory or two. And, it isn’t as though I actually do the searching myself – my mind takes care of that itself too, but this is how I see my mind when it is searching for a memory.

Well, in this and many other corridors. This one corridor would not be large enough to contain every single experience I ever came across in this lifetime, the lifetimes before (and after) this one, and the many different lifetimes that have existed in the dream world.

Each of these experiences gets stored somewhere, and I imagine each experience is grouped together and stored in the most relevant room. And the Memory Keeper is the aspect of me whose sole task is to go and retrieve the memories when needed.

Usually, my Memory Keeper does a wonderful job. Sometimes he takes his time, and sometimes he gets a memory from the completely wrong room – I’m sure he does that deliberately just to confuse me. I’m sure he’s aware that I’m confused most of the time anyway, but his job isn’t to think of that – his job is to go and get the memory in split second timing.

I don’t know how his filing system works, but I’d imagine him firstly having corridors for years, and then each door along the corridor would be for either every month, or possibly every week.

Or, he could have a corridor for names, with each door containing memories of everyone I have ever come across with that name.

Or, he could have a corridor for feelings and emotions, and each door along that corridor stores the memories associated with each emotion I feel.

Or, he could have a corridor for places, with each door here holding ways to get to people, sights and sounds, smells and any other thing associated with that place.

And now, I think he’s had to open up a brand new corridor to contain doors, with their corridors and rooms beyond them, for my characters I’ve created throughout my time writing this blog… together with some ‘artificial’ memories of theirs also.

My inner Memory Keeper is very busy, it must be said. I don’t think he ever rests, even when I do, he’ll be firing something at me from one of the many rooms for one reason or another.

But with all that said, I simply wonder what it would be like to walk along the corridor itself. Would it be deadly silent, with only the echoes of my footsteps reverberating along with me as I walk from end to end? Or would the sounds of every single memory stored within each room be deafening, even with the doors closed?

I’d like to think it’s the first option, the quiet one, which is what I feel when I look at the picture. Who knows what could be inside each room, but the corridor itself is calm. Even through light and dark.