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Searching for dragons

I’m still at the mercy of Blogger’s Block right now, pesky nuisance that it is. And, I’m sure that it isn’t only me affected… my Inner Sceptic is pointing out that something is being drip-fed to us all, via any number of clandestine ways, causing us not to think in our proper ways.

My Inner Spy is dropping clues left, right and centre as to these covert methods, but not completely stating “it’s in the water”; “don’t look at the flashing images”; or “the butler has the answer”. If my butler has the answer, I must state, I’ll never find it (the answer) as he’s (the butler’s) never around when I need him.

My Inner Artist, together with quite a few of those fine people who follow this blog, has / have mentioned looking for inspiration in nature… let the Spirit of the Trees be my guide. For those unfamiliar with the Spirit of the Trees, I see him / her / it / them as faces between and within the leaves. Sometimes I see only a face, sometimes I see a whole figure, and sometimes I see an animal.

It’s too late to go out exploring foliage now, so I had a look through some photos instead, and one in particular, of my old friend Splodge the Cat, caught my eye. And as coincidence has it, I caught Splodge staring / glaring at me through the window earlier today; he hasn’t called by for a visit for quite a few weeks now.

Here’s the photo… I think I’ve used it before:

Looking between the leaves behind him, and beside his right ear, is a prime example of the Spirit of the Trees. A tiny dragon… and further over to the left of the photo, as if stalking the dragon, is what appears to be the outline of another cat. And the more I look at the leaves, the more I see profiles of people’s faces. So much to see in such a small place.

However, nothing in this image is causing Blogger’s Block, as my Inner Spy inferred earlier. But something is… something that must be so obscure, we don’t notice it… but what? Maybe it’s a new icon that’s suddenly appeared that sends out a subliminal message… or perhaps, we’ve been programmed to activate Blogger’s Block whenever we see the colour green… or maybe there is something in the water we drink.

I wonder if you’ve noticed anything that may be contributing to this terrible scourge that’s seemingly affecting so many of us… if so, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, write about it in the comments.

Also, if you notice any Spirits of the Tree in the above photo, please tell me about them as well… I’d love to know what you see.

And finally, let me know if you spot any tpyos in this post – they too may be a clue (Or Fingers is trying to gain control again (Fingers is my Inner Typist) which needs sorting also).

As Fingers says…

Fool! Don’t you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you.

Or was it Fingers? I can’t seem to remember…

A Selfie for Earth Day

Over on The Laughing Housewife, Tilly Bud has passed on a request from NASA no less, asking for everyone on the planet to post a Selfie of themselves on social media for Earth Day. I haven’t posted a Selfie for a while, so I thought why not… and, since I don’t use social media, I’m posting it here on my blog again.

Well, them, actually.

This sequence is called The Transition. As above, so below… as within, so without.

Twilight Rainbow

Traffic lights and raindrops on the windscreen
Mix to create an enchanting scene
Of a twilight rainbow bathed in gold
With each of the colours equally bold
This rainbow is special as it has no end
No pot of gold a leprechaun tends
The magic is that it falls all around
Well, sometimes,
when the sun goes down
Remember the next time you see a rainbow like this
Its light is pure magic, so go on – make a wish!


Love Is All Around

To continue with my (hopefully very brief!) Valentine’s theme this year, I tried to see if I could find a town called ‘Love’. On the whole planet, I must add, not just in the Cheshire vinicity (I know – modern English… you’ll thank me one day!)

There are lots of places that begin L-O-V-E, but I couldn’t find one merely called Love (there must be one somewhere – if you know of one, please advise in the comments!)

I utilised Google’s nifty map services to carry out my search, but gave up after intensely scrutinising the data for two minutes. I wheeled back (on the mouse wheel, not the chair, as I kneel and don’t sit and type and I don’t have wheels on my knees (although sometimes they could come in very handy when I have to suddenly get up for something (i.e. cramp; thirst; the loo) and can’t as I’m locked into position) anyway, I digress.) maybe a little too far, and found this image.

At first, I thought that the Google Street View car’s driver had gotten himself a little lost, but then I remembered that they use satellite technology now (or satnology as it will be known in a few years – remember me when you hear it next!)

Anyway, to cut a long post short, I found the place I was looking for. Well, almost. Not the town, but the whole caboodle.

I love images of this great planet of ours. (In fact, not only images, I love the place itself!) From such a great distance away, we don’t seem to be in as such a mess as we’re being told, do we? (That was meant to be a rhetorical question, but it wouldn’t type right) Never mind – even if we are in a mess it still looks good from a few thousand miles away.

All images in this post have been obtained from the Google Map thingy. I would have gone myself, but with the cramp in my knees I can’t reach full height standing at the moment, let alone blasting out toward the stars. Maybe next week I’ll get some good photos of my own to use then!

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom

Little Drummer Boy

Just enough time to get an extra post in

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom

Before the Christmas Holiday starts

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom

When all the shops close down

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom

Well most of them anyway

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom
Ra Pa Pom Pom
Ra Pa Pom Pom

So that just leaves me

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom

Time to say to you all

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom

Have a great time;

Merry Christmas

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom
Ra Pa Pom Pom
Ra Pa Pom Pom…

Ra Pa Pom… OK, if you can fit those words in with the correct rhythm, you are far better than I! I’m not exactly known for my song writing or interpretation skills. But never mind!

And yes, I know that the image is of a soldier and not a Little Drummer Boy, but when I was little I thought he was a Little Drummer Boy, so the name stuck. He’s one of my favourite Christmas decorations of all time. It’s funny how we become attached to things, isn’t it?

This post completes my scheduled posts featuring various photos of Christmas decorations. When I said a few days ago that I didn’t want to fill Blogland with waffle, I had the sudden idea to fill it with photos instead. Well, they’re different anyway.

I’m looking out of the window for tomorrow’s post… no idea yet what I’ll see.

I’m still ‘technically’ on a break, but had to call by to say once again, and to one and all:

Have a Fabulous Christmas. Make sure you keep happy and merry and Feel Good!

And when I return, I shall be back visiting your blogs once more. And apologies for this random interruption to the quiet time…

Pa Ra Pa Pom Pom
Ra Pa Pom Pom
Ra Pa Pom Pom…