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Some things in life require a little bit of effort to bring them into existence, yet others require absolutely no effort whatsoever.

When we put our minds to it, we can achieve whatever it is that we want, and, as an added bonus we can have it now, if we so wish.

I want this:

And I actually already have it, although it’s slightly hidden. Being kept warm is a better, and more friendly, way of describing it. Portly, as I said in my last post, isn’t as nice.

I also want this:

And, I actually already have that as well, but once again in a slightly different shape. And colour. With more roof. And more mirrors.

This wouldn’t go amiss:

Well, a few (many many!) more to fill the gaps, that is. And the odd paper note or two to add a bit of colour would make the photo look nice too. But, I have enough for now for when I need it, so that’s good. And this isn’t really the change I’ve been talking about of late.

Actually, thinking about it, I kind of have everything I want now, materially, in some form or other. I just need to enhance my mind a little further. And I will.

Yes, I want to bring my body back into shape, and I will do so, also. That takes a little more effort, and time, but I will get there. Sheer determination will see to that. And the fact that it’s my body wanting this change. I’m happy to help it along.

My Glowing Angel picture has just been added for dramatic effect. That, and the fact that a spiritual (or supernatural) event prompted this post. One of my Oracle Cards revealed itself to me. The Empowering card, with the message ‘empower yourself’.

Only I can do it. I’m getting that message almost every day now.

And now, I’m giving myself the power!

I can do it. I will.

Santa’s Rather Large Little Helper

I think it’s time for a Christmas post.

I was trying on my Santa Hat earlier this evening, as you do, when the thought suddenly struck me to have a go at taking another Selfie of myself. Being the hip blogger that I am, I couldn’t resist. I’m not really sure if the phrase ‘taking a Selfie of myself’ is correct, as one wouldn’t really be taking a Selfie of anyone else, but hey, on my blog it’s correct.

So I took Selfie after Selfie, in all manner of different poses and pouts. Some sitting, others standing. Some reclining against a wall, some looking moody. Some in dull light (which didn’t turn out very well!) and some in dull light (which looked better but still terrible). I’ve chosen not to use the dull lit ones, and went for four favourites of mine for for this post. There are hundreds others that I may bore you with share with you sometime.

The first one is full of angst. The determined and steely grin is softened only by the piercing blue of the eyes in stark contrast with the red and white of the hat. Notice how it oozes a natural kind of electricity and warmth.

The second Selfie is entitled ‘At Rest’. Everything is calm and relaxed. Eyes closed, and motionless, as if in contemplation of something huge. Or nothing at all. Everything is equal in a relaxed state.

The third one I’ve named ‘Spring to Action’. Ready to take on the elements and go with the flow. If you look closely at this one, you may catch a glimpse of eyebrow. But shush, everyone will want to see it. And the Severe Flick is beginning to appear.

The fourth one, ‘Sunday Best’, is the neat and tidy on-parade one. The official Selfie for the Santa Hat Selfie Challenge, which is still to be organised.

I went all out to create these Selfies. I especially wore a smaller-sized red shirt to make me look ever so slightly more portly than normal, just to get the Santa look more authentic. The portly look is particularly obvious on the ones where I’m sitting down, but, unfortunately, they were the ones taken in dull light, and are therefore unusable.

I’m now off for my nightly jog. Those sitting down photos have certainly spurred me on…

The Face by the House on the Hill

Not far away from where I live is an old house on a hill. That’s it pictured above.

It was going to be the setting for a little ghost story, when I noticed something quite remarkable about the image itself.

Long time readers of my blog will know that, on occasion, I post images of trees and plants in which, between the leaves, appear faces and animals.

There aren’t many trees or plants in this picture, but there is clearly a face.

I think it’s a woman’s face, but I could be wrong. Maybe you could tell me what you see in the comments below.

I’ve tweaked the colours slightly, but haven’t done anything else to the image.

The face I see is almost in the centre of the picture, lower half, beside what looks like a question mark.

So, do you see it? Or do you see something else…?

Still Aiming High

Pure rain, sharp, cold and very wet, pricked at my cheeks as I raced forwards. Droplets of water tickled as they trickled down my face and neck, seemingly gathering in my sodden collar. Not enough to stop me, however.

Whatever the weather, I will still fly.

I’m aiming higher and getting better.

Once I’ve properly mastered the flight, I’ll work on the landing.

One thing at a time.

No rush. All things considered.