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Out and about…

Walking around the lake the other day, I stopped off to have a quick lean against one of the rocks and to watch the fish and the ducks swimming. I’d been leaning for a few minutes when I spotted this chap or chappess basking in the bright sunshine. He (or she!) was not in the least bothered that I was nearby, and allowed me to take a few photos using my handy mobile phone.

Photos taken, the friendly creature then dove into the lake and swam away.

It’s amazing how many things we miss simply by looking the wrong way.

Cheshire Long Shots

Challenge number four of my 101/1001 challenge is to take 100 different photographs of Cheshire and add them to this blog.

I’ve already started this challenge, when I added the photos I took of the Moon with Jupiter and Venus a few weeks back, although, as it was night, not a lot of Cheshire could actually be seen. A few trees were visible, and the photographs were taken in Cheshire, so they are valid. They weren’t a hundred in total, though, so I still need to do some work on this.

I’ve been virtually out and about this evening, and have ‘taken’ a few more ‘photos’ from around Cheshire. I say virtually, as I haven’t actually left Aqua Mansion, and instead travelled all across the county along the roads of the Google Street Map thingy. Well, I use the Sky Map thingy from time to time, so why not use the other one too?

And before you say ‘hang on, that’s cheating!’, I’ll quickly add that the challenge is a flexible one and the rules can be changed at any time. But, in my defence, I will take some proper photos with my mobile phone as well, in due course…

So, the photos:

A street in Knutsford, Cheshire:

Lymm Cross, in Lymm, Cheshire:

A different view of the Thelwall Viaduct, which carries part of the M6 motorway over Thelwall, Cheshire:

The main street in Grappenhall, Cheshire:

A bridge in Warrington, Cheshire:

A street in Chester, Cheshire:

A road somewhere in Frodsham, Cheshire:

The view from a road in Croft, Cheshire:

And finally, a couple of long shots of the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire:

OK. Virtual photographs aren’t exactly the real thing, but they are still photographs! I had to ‘go’ there via the Google Map thingy to get them, and going along some of those roads can take quite a bit of time – especially when I came across red traffic lights, but the less said about that the better at this time…

One day, I’ll add my actual photos of these places, actually taken with my actual mobile phone. Real ones.

I must say, though, that I’m quite impressed with this virtual world that we can now visit. And that reminds me, I may just have to visit my avatar in Second Life… I’ve not been there for quite a while, and I’m sure I left him hanging around somewhere…

Jupiter’s in the Tree!

I look out over the Grinds this night, to see stars shining through the early night. But, stars they aren’t, as it’s clear to see; they’re solid bright and twinkle free. The Lunar Light shines high above the planet named for a Goddess of Love. By Jove! Another rests before it too flies, casting more excitement up in the skies.

One Minute Ramble: Mobile Photography

Mobile phone in hand, I leant precariously out of the upper window in Aqua Mansion. I simply had to take a photo of this alignment before the display was over for another night. No more words – an image was required.
Grasping onto the wall with one hand, and trying to get the best shot in the viewfinder of my mobile phone with the other, without mistaking the street lights in the distance for my required objects, I pointed, clicked and hoped the image would take.
I didn’t want the flash to activate, and I wasn’t sure if the image would be captured, as darkness and mobile phones don’t exactly go hand in hand. You can see someone speaking on a mobile phone from the other end of the street in darkness – they are lit up rather brightly.
But… no flash! The image took! And here it is.
It’s rather grainy, but I’ll put that down to the angle the picture was taken at.
At least I have captured a moment of time in the skies above Cheshire.

It is actually in colour, but that’s quite hard to tell, considering the vast distances involved.

And yes, this is part of my new challenge. Image number one of Cheshire is taken and posted to the blog! Only a few more to go…

27/03/12. I’ve just taken this, again on the mobi, with the Moon and either Venus or Jupiter visible (only just) beside her, in the gradually darkening sky… having said that, though, the Moon is only just visible in this image too!