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As clear as the eye can see
It’s clearly transparent, see?
But when seeing something you cannot see
Does this alter the transparency?

Art takes many forms, but I wonder if anyone has posted a transparent picture before? They probably have…

Perfect for Flying (Or Luna Ticks the Box)

                       Grab the broom
                  And dust the sky
  Sprinkle magic from up high                
Scream and laugh by the Moon           
      The Moon. The MOON.
Cackle through the windswept hair
Feel the elements
          Up there. Up there.
                               Fly. Just FLY
                                                And feel alive.
                                    And sigh.
                       And cry
The Moon                            
The Moon
                        The Moon

Deep Red

Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary
Wasn’t pleasing, to hear her talk
Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary
Was missing its celery stalk
Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary
Angered her, it must be said
Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary
Caused her to see Deep Red


These vampyrs get angry at the slightest thing, don’t you know?

Midnight Feast

Pies and pastries and pasta and pizza
Potato salad and perfect ham rolls
Not the best to be stuffing one’s face with
At midnight, I suppose

Quiche and brioche and peach and cheesecake
Custard and strawberries and cream
Oh no, I must simply eat something now
I’ve just had another food dream!

Wordle: Great Outdoors

There was a wise grandmother
Who looked at the sky
She could see the week’s weather
Without seeming to try
She knew if a storm was coming
As plants stood firm and braced
And house sparrows flew at speed
When to their eaves they raced
Crooked clouds hung heavy
Tobacco-coloured and dark
She smiled when she noticed
Lightning’s first spark
The outside world fell silent
As thunder rumbled on
And she made herself comfy
In the hole she called home