Beyond the Sphere


Winter Look beyond What lies ahead Beyond the day to day Beyond the fears and cold and darkness Beyond the damp and grey See the swirls of light and hope Of magic, awe and greatness And know each… Read More

Wolf Moon

The Moon of the Wolf A beacon for things to come And a reminder Of all those times gone by Watching Observing An eye in the sky And a link between Memory and reality Hope and Light And… Read More

The Stately Mews

silently watching stealth-like and statuesque purrrrr fect for Hallowe’en


I sit here hiding me and my collywobbles … there’s something downstairs! Posted in response to Eugenia’s Weekly Theme: Ghostly Image: Spooky Ghost Sitting In Bed by Kylesportsman at

Living on Barbed Wire: For Debbie

Freedom there’s freedom ahead freedom beyond the barbed wire freedom there for all Be a Wire Cutter Barbs and wires in the way Restricting movement Blocking the way forward But look ahead Look beyond Be a wire cutter… Read More