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Epic Mythology

Blacksmith saddles and shoes the horse
As ironsmith hammers with precision and force
Baker doughs and kneads the bread
And the farmer’s wife sees the animals fed

Children sit in the schoolroom and learn
As the clockmaker watches the fingers turn
The doctor tends to those not well
And market stalls heave with things to sell

The carpenter smooths and cuts the wood
As the bookkeeper keeps things looking good
The dressmaker knits and sews with ease
And the town crier bellows as he reads

Throughout the land of Everplain
Similar village folk do the same
Some unaware of the desperate plight
By the gods’ domain on the Mount of Light

Epic Mythology

Legend speaks of a hidden land,
Ruled by beast and demon, gods and man,
Far away from prying eyes
With lush green plains and bright blue skies

Darklands where the demons dwell,
With the P’tor caves a living hell;
The gods’ domain on the Mount of Light,
Imposing in beauty, a wondrous sight.

Everplain is where the people live
With so much life and joy to give
They share the land with beast galore
In harmony, they hope, forever more.

A battle rages, high and low
As gods and demons want control
Not only of their own domains
But of all the lands… and Everplain.

This is it! This is one of the things I have dreamed about writing ever since I started writing this blog. An epic tale, in rhyme, with multiple parts, characters, places, set in an unknown mythological realm where there are no rules and anything can happen. I think it’s time for the epic to begin. Well, I’ve challenged myself to let the epic begin.

This week, we’ve pulled back the curtain on the hidden land and caught a glimpse of a couple of the realms there. There are more… but will we see them next week, or meet a few of the featured players? Time will tell.

Keeping Calm and Carrying On (3)

…There it is again…

The whispering. No, the scuttling.

And the tapping. It’s definitely tapping.

It’s just outside the door. But the door’s open. It can’t be there.

Why doesn’t it just come in?


Stay out.

DO NOT come in.

Good job I’m under this duvet; protector of the things that go bump and other terrors of the night. There is no way I’m getting up to investigate. No way at all. And the storm can rage all it wants to outside as well.

What was that?

A creak. The creak came from the door.

But the door’s open…

An Independent Blogger

All the single bloggers
(All the single bloggers)
All the single bloggers
(All the single bloggers)
Put your hands up, yeah. Put your hands up.

Enough of all that! I don’t know what made me start typing that in the first place anyway.

Moving on.

I’ve made a decision which will dramatically alter my blog somewhat. For a good few years I’ve been participating in various blogging challenges, and although they are inspiring and help to fill the time on some days when my inspiration for writing is a little low, they take me away from writing specifically for my blog, and I want to get back to that. On the other hand, whenever I set a challenge on my blog, in the hope of gaining connections, adding a little more fun and further inspiration to the Blogging Universe, they go down like lead balloons with hardly anybody taking up the challenge. Hardly worth coming up with them, when you see things that way. I know everyone’s busy, and I understand that, but it can feel a little disheartening when all I see is a blank sea of emptiness ahead of me.

Bit overdramatic, that.

It’s a nice, pleasant blank sea, with lovely emptiness and a nice warm breeze – and a lighthouse over there on the horizon. There’s always light. There has to be.

So. No more challenges from me, but I’m also stepping away from all of the challenges I currently undertake. I’ve enjoyed taking part in them over the past few years, and I thank everyone who has kindly set their challenges for me to take part in. The challenges can be a challenge in themselves!

From now in, I’m going back to being an Independent Blogger  (All the single bloggers (All the single blogg…) Don’t start that again).

There is one exception, however. I shall be taking part in World Watercolour Month, although quite probably not everyday. I do like to splosh a little colour around.

I’ve always said that if something feels too much, or it feels more like work than pleasure, or it starts to feel like a chore, I’ll just walk away, and I don’t want to do that with blogging. I do enjoy it, even if I may post the odd grumbling gripe every so often.

I’m not leaving the challenges completely, though. Oh no! I’ll link in with a post every now and again. I ain’t turnin’ my back on inspiration completely. I ain’t daft.

That’s the joy of being an Independent Blogger. As and when. That’s a motto I always use, and it works very well indeed.

See you shortly in Blogland!

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All the single bloggers
(All the single bloggers)
All the single bloggers
(All the single bloggers)
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Earth Mother

They welcomed her warmth
As one they came together
Hearts all connected
And surrounded by Nature
They knew they were home

It’s Hélène’s What Do You See? Challenge once again, and this week she has provided the above picture which is named ‘Mother’. It has a definite Mother Earth feel to it, and that is where my writing took me this week. Link below:

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