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She trod all respectable stages
Tumultuous applause resonated, suppressing silence
A really sensational singer throughout
Reversely she sought the afterlife
Secretly she tried all roads

This is my response to my Letters from the Stars challenge. Not the cheeriest, I might add, but stardom has its downs as well as its ups.

Four BY Four!

Four digital paintings using the same colours that look totally different and look good side by side. The fourth painting entitled Babylonian Bafflement… inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

See? I stuck to my ancient civilisations theme with triangles and swirls. And bells and whistles, although they were painted over.

These have been created in response to a mini challenge between Elaine and myself. I didn’t have a lot of time, but the time I did had I made the most of! I do like these blogging challenges, you know!


I must apologise if my tone was a little ‘spiky’ in the previous post. It was all intentional. It was intended to link discreetly into this post. The spiky points on the star should have given the game away…

Featured in the image is Olive the Peacock. He can be a little spiky at times, as his head feathers show. And his beak is a little pointy too.

I’m really clutching at spikes now…

The Key to the Light

The key was the light
The light was the key

Pure and bright for those who could see

Lighting the way
Opening doors

Fiery passion that can’t be ignored

The key is the light
The light is the key



And enlightening me.

The more I look, the more I see, but I’ve decided to leave things there for now. This has been posted in response to Hélène’s latest picture prompt at Willow Poetry. The link is below.

Weekly challenge

Three (of three)

Three of four, really, but I’ve only done three so far and this is the third. If you remember, I’m in the middle of a digital painting challenge with Elaine. We have to create four paintings that work well together, look different, and use the same colours.

So far, I’ve painted Oddly Aztec and Eerily Atlantean. I have an ancient civilisations theme going on.

My third creation is named Almost Egyptian. Why? I hear you ask… well, let me explain. The almost triangles are almost pyramids, and the almost circles are almost suns. And, if you allow your eyes to go out of focus, or let your mind wander whilst glancing over in the direction of this painting, you can almost make out some hieroglyphics!

Well… it’s all about imagination and interpretation anyway. And it’s all fun!

I wonder: where will I go for my final painting? Find out in the next thrilling instalment – coming soon!