Beyond the Sphere

Breaking News: Distorted Graphics

Reports are coming in that graphics have suddenly started to vanish from WordPress sites. Here are a few screenshots from Beyond the Sphere, which shows how the problem is being handled across different browsers: Chrome: Chrome after a… Read More


Recently, Visionkeeper challenged me to find one word that would encompass all of the emotions I have included in my little array of posts earlier today. The emotions I tried to describe in less than twenty words each… Read More

Leaping In!

Happy Leap Year Day (what’s left of it!) And moving swiftly on… Here’s a quick screenshot of part of my dashboard: I don’t like showing my dashboard very often, but felt it absolutely necessary for this post. And,… Read More

Did YOU see the light?

My OneWord365 word for this year is ‘Light’. I’ve been referring to it recently in subtle ways through all of my posts, and I wonder if you realised? Starting with my post 12, where I complained about my… Read More

The Music Ends

The music starts – its tempo and rhythms define the dance. He approaches her table, and extends an inviting hand. She accepts. They take to the floor. He offers a hand and a frame. Again, she accepts, but… Read More