Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Dark’. And what helps with cameras when it’s dark? Night Vision. So above is a night-vision recreation of a dark and spooky night. OK, it’s a black and white Selfie, but the essence is there.

And as it’s Hallowe’en, I had to include one or two of my better Selfies. The one above seems to emphasise my forehead, for some reason.

But luckily that can be hidden with the right lighting and a tidy fringe. And a perfect Selfie angle.

Also posted for the last day of Becky’s #PastSquares, where the one up at the top isn’t as bright as the other two. The hair in these photos could (at a push) be described as spiky and the eyes in the second two are definitely in the pink. They’re all kinda spooky, so they appear at the right time. My Selfies are always from an odd perspective (mind you, that could be my mind, where the sky’s the limit when it comes to interpretation). I’d love to be able to delight readers by also including the words roofs, tree, flower  and circles and squares, which were other themes in Becky’s past Squares, but I’m not blue. They are all included amongst these lines anyway…

Happy Hallowe’en!

28 thoughts

    1. If my hair’s long like that, it’s OK if there’s no wind. The slightest lick of a breeze, and, well, let’s just say it’s no longer like that! 😳🙄🤣

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        1. White Rabbits, Elaine! 🙂
          Yes, I said it first thing, and as I have an extra day off today, I managed to post it as well!
          The weather’s terrible again today!

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            1. We’ve just gone through a massive Solar Flare (or it’s gone through us!), and I’m convinced that’s affected the weather. Glad to hear your flood alert’s cleared.

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        1. I think I’ll say all my photos are deliberately off; I do think angles can really enhance the subject. (I’m not a photographer by any means, but like to ‘have a go’!) 🙂

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