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The Gods’ Twilight

Dark skies lit by lightning bright
City lights slighted by foreboding sight
Dweller’s fright blights their night
As Ragnarök’s fight takes flight
Icy winds bite and show their might
Streaks of white at differing heights
Clatter with spite as they strike and smite
And Norse Gods reveal their plight
The End and The Beginning, all unite
For Ragnarøkkr; the Gods’ Twilight

Hélène has provided the above dramatic image for this week’s What Do You See? challenge. It took me back to the days of Norse Mythology, and the End and the Beginning of time. Link below:

Weekly challenge

It’s Starting to look more Summery

Well, more like Spring, I suppose.
Although we have been there already.
The heatwave we had during February.
That’s when this year’s Spring began.

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo of the bluebells springing up? Well, here’s how they are looking now…

Not quite blue nor bell-like, but they’re getting there!

Oh, and on the subject of flowers, here’s my final contribution for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge:

They are discreet spikes, I must say, but an interpretation of them nevertheless.

Tonight, we leap into Spring here, and lose an hour’s precious sleep. We should have leapt out of Europe yesterday, but that never happened. I’ll keep my hour’s sleep thank you very much, and have a nice lie in in the morning!

Posted for Six Word Saturday and Becky’s March Squares. Links below:

Six Word Saturday

The Standing Order

For a group of secretive people they are certainly easy to infiltrate.

These robes I bought from that flea market down the road are very itchy, but at least they hide the fact I’m not wearing one of those medallion things they have around their necks. Not that they will look in my direction anyway, but I’d better not scratch myself just in case. It’s really tempting, though.

It’s frightening how they just stand there, individually or in pairs, totally unaware of the biting winds and heavy blizzard. Frozen. Rooted to the spot like statues. At least I’m under cover here! Ha! Under cover… I like that.

I know that they’ll start moving again when the midday bell tolls, and then the next lot will come out. I just need to be still and patient. Act like I’m one of them.

I like how the sunlight comes through the windows like that… it looks too warm for these bitter temperatures, but it still gives off a warm glow. Maybe they concentrate on that. I wonder how they keep these massive windows clean. Especially up the top there. Perhaps they’re self cleaning.

I wish I knew what time it was. I can’t feel my feet.

Look at the light. Look at the light. I think it’s working!

The light doesn’t seem right for midday, thinking about it. How long have I been here? I bet they’ve hypnotised me and forced me to join their number. I hope not. I only want to see what it is they do when they go inside. Oh no… what if they have hypnotised me and had me running around like a chicken? I don’t feel like I’ve been running. I wouldn’t be this cold, if I had.

C’mon… c’mon. Toll bells! Toll! I can’t feel my hands now.

Ah! At last!

No, wrong – it’s a hand-bell from inside. What was that? Three… four… five… six. Six rings.

Now the clocktower is ringing.

Actually, where is the clocktower? I can’t see it from here – it must be behind me. But the sound from the tolls is ahead of me. It must be an echo. That’s odd.

Ah, they’re moving now. They’ve formed a line ahead of me. I’d best try and join them. Nonchalantly does it. Good job I watched how they walk… I’ve got that off to a tee. Just need to speed up a little and then I can slip in there, behind. Made it. They’re still looking forward and haven’t seen me.

What was that? I thought these were a silent order. There it is again – definitely a voice. Sounds like “Order of Six”.


This is the Order of Six.

I make the number up to seven. They obviously know I’m here.

A bit of mystery I feel for this week’s What Do You See? challenge from Hélène; link below.

Weekly challenge


Escapism is switching on one’s computer and losing oneself in the workings therein. The opposite is switching on one’s computer and losing oneself in its workings. That is frustration.

Escapism is closing one’s eyes, and instantly transporting oneself to a tropical paradise island beach. The opposite is spending a fortune on a holiday to such a place only for it to be the rainy season. That is Sod’s Law.

Escapism is living with the unwanted bits ever-so-slightly edited out. The opposite is living without escapism. Or just living… which on its own could always use a bit of an improvement.

Posted, in a hundred words to boot, for Eugenia’s Brew’N’Spew Café… the link is below:

Spikes of Spring

Spikes of Spring are springing and spiking everywhere now. Plus the fact we are going through another mini heatwave with temperatures spiking once again helps things a little!

Posted for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge. Link below: