It’s One Word Sunday yet again, and Debbie’s theme this time is ‘Spring’. I’ve used a similar version of this photo on the blog before, but to me, this is Spring. The time when colours start to come alive in the natural world.

Over the past few years, in terms of temperature, Spring and Summer seem to have reversed around these here parts, and we go from the chilly Winter days straight into what feels like sub-tropical heat. Summer and Autumn then kind of merge into one, and before we know it, Winter’s here again.

Not wanting to write time away, though, there is something special about every single day – we just have to be more aware to notice it.

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The Spirits in the Sky danced with glee
Their minds and souls truly free
The blue beyond there for their reaching
For they already had what they were seeking

There are several spirits gleefully dancing in this photo. Can you make any of them out? The translucent dragon is very clear!

You may call me a mooncalf (foolish person) for seeing Spirits, but you will be mazed (bewildered) yourself when you look and see them all appear one after the other!