Beyond the Sphere

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.7)

The Cloud reached the entrance to his Basement in quick time. He rode the motorbike through the entrance tunnel in silent mode, as the tunnel was an old and long disused sewer pipe. The end of the pipe… Read More

Agents of Darkness IV

Mrs Sinster stretched and spread her hands across her luxurious duvet. She opened her eyes and saw it was still dark. She’d had a lovely sleep on her first night in her new bed in her new home…. Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.6)

The Rendezvous. Mid’s premier music entertainment venue in the 1960s. Now, a car park for a large shopping complex adjacent to Mid Marina. The shopping complex also closed two years ago, so stands empty, alongside several other empty… Read More

The Journey Commences

Half an hour and several more dropped slices of toast later, the Goddesses were ready to embark upon their journey. Diana, Athena, Aphrodite, Amunet and Hera walked through the arched window in the kitchen of the Lap of… Read More

Fallen Toast

Diana pondered as she ate her toast. She knew something was amiss, but couldn’t put her finger on it. Why would the others think I’m in the wrong place? she thought as she took another bite. I’ve always… Read More