Today’s theme for Debbie’s One Word Sunday is Puzzle.

Now you may be wondering what on Earth the above photo has to do with such a word… well, that is the question!

One Word Sunday

Visit Debbie’s site (the link is above!) to see more interpretations of the theme… and possibly some far better than my attempt!

18 thoughts

    1. I was pondering using one of those photos, VK… but decided to wait until later in the year. This is merely a post to try on the thinking caps! Hehehe! 😀

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      1. The whole world needs thinking caps right about now…Stunning the oblivion taking place….Glad to see those awake are taking to the streets now and demanding justice! It’s about time. I hear there is now a class action law suit against FB…That should be interesting to watch seeing as how they are CIA/Darpa….Have a good week TL! VK 🙂

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        1. There’s always some case or another against them, VK.
          I don’t use Facebook because I didn’t like the way it worked years ago… things may not have changed.

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