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Three representations of ‘Dazzle’, which is Debbie’s One Word Sunday this week.

The first photo is of a murky, foggy night one Winter a few years ago. I’ve tweaked this image a little, but the streetlights are still a little dazzling.

The second two are of the Moon, which is always dazzling – especially when I try to take photos of it. However, long may the Moon dazzle, is what I say!

One Word Sunday


‘Vertical’ is Debbie’s One Word Sunday word this week, and I instantly thought of this photo I took several years ago of some trees. They aren’t just vertical, they are very vertical. There are a couple of people and a dog in the bottom right-hand corner who prove what I mean.

One Word Sunday

It’s Starting to look more Summery

Well, more like Spring, I suppose.
Although we have been there already.
The heatwave we had during February.
That’s when this year’s Spring began.

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo of the bluebells springing up? Well, here’s how they are looking now…

Not quite blue nor bell-like, but they’re getting there!

Oh, and on the subject of flowers, here’s my final contribution for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge:

They are discreet spikes, I must say, but an interpretation of them nevertheless.

Tonight, we leap into Spring here, and lose an hour’s precious sleep. We should have leapt out of Europe yesterday, but that never happened. I’ll keep my hour’s sleep thank you very much, and have a nice lie in in the morning!

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Six Word Saturday


A ROW of doves.

Part of a hedgeROW.

A RainbOW of colours.

And a few birds all in a row.

Well, it is Debbie’s One Word Sunday… and the word this week is ROW. I simply had to use a row of photos this week – couldn’t not. Nor could I ignore the chance of including a photo with a spike or two dotted about, for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge.

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One Word Sunday


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