Beyond the Sphere


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Three’… two plus one equals three, which is presented here. I’ve always enjoyed maths! Have a bright Sunday!

A Few Words For Sunday

A selection of photos from past One Word Sunday posts: Movement (24th February 2019) Circle (17th June 2018) Underfoot (19th July 2017) Wet (1st October 2017) Asleep (8th April 2018) Baleful (1st April 2018) Literal (22nd April 2018)… Read More


For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Arch’, and a while ago I spotted this natural arch whilst out walking. Could it conceal a hidden doorway into a magical dimension somewhere? Also, I wonder if you… Read More


For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie’s theme is Bridge. My photo is of a steep pathway leading up to the bridge, which is weak. The bridge, that is, although I suppose the photo could be as well!… Read More


It’s One Word Sunday again, and this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Star’. So, I have two photos. The first is a little star, a sleeping wasp. The second photo is of an actual star or two. Well, three,… Read More