Shocking view from the window today… absolutely terrible, in fact.

I heard a strange rumbling noise outside, almost like a stampede, coming from the Grinds. I was on the ground floor, around back and I glanced out of the window, only to see dinosaurs running passed. Running in circles in fact, for some strange reason.

There were also mountains in the distance, and palm trees. There are no mountains or palm trees in the Grinds, which can only mean one thing: the Mansion has shifted again!

I tried to capture the image as best I could, but as everything was moving so quickly, I could only get some really awful images… three terrible ones in fact. The blurred one above is by far the best. And here are the other two:The lighting is all wrong, and the third one I don’t think I was even looking toward the window! I’m actually quite surprised that I didn’t manage to capture my thumb in the image as well… or my eye – I just grabbed my mobile phone and took the picture! (The third one was the first one I took… by the way)

There were also a couple of pterodactyls circling overhead – you can just about see one in the middle pane, at the top. Yes, the black smudge is a pterodactyl.

The thing is, the back door was open.

I mean, I’ve had a good look around and haven’t seen anything, but some of those dinosaurs are quite small; some are human-sized and others are massive. The small to human-sized ones could have easily fitted through the door, if they wanted to. I suppose the massive ones could have had a go as well, if they were so inclined!

I don’t think any of them have come in before the Mansion shifted again, but just thought I’d mention it.
You know.
Just in case…


  1. Oh no…The mansion is at it again. Keep the outside light on tonight and maybe they will move off in search of darkness. Also put a plate of goodies down in the kitchen too and if they disappear you’ll know one or more of them got inside. Good luck TL…..VK


  2. Hmmm… Hope nothing meat-eating got in!!! 🙂

    Have a great Easter Monday Tom! 🙂

    Remember it’s all fool’s day today so be wary!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



  3. I’d double check though, Sir Aquatom, these prehistoric animals can be pretty tricky… check under t’bed for a start … (You haven’t found that game Jumanji by any chance? 😉 ) … Happy April Fools Day … (why do they call it day when it only lasts a morning?) … xPenx


    1. No, Pen, there’s no sign of any prehistoric animal, or Jumanji, I’m pleased to say!
      What baffles me about today, is the custom of tripping people up in the afternoon. What’s all that about?


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