Jean cautiously approached Athena, who was cradling the baby tenderly.

“Could I have my child back, please?” Jean didn’t mean to sound as abrupt as she did. Athena stood, and reluctantly handed the gurgling bundle over.

“He’s a lovely baby.” Athena said, “Maybe I was wrong about him.”

Jean was confused. How could anyone be wrong about a baby? What could Gerald have done to make this strangely clad and very tall woman think she was wrong about him? She dismissed the thought. She didn’t want to know.

Jean was also confused as to how they’d managed to end up in the middle of a field, in the pouring rain, in the middle of the night. Were they on a film set? Jean wondered, as she looked around at the two chariots, goodness knows how many horses, and umpteen people dressed like ancient …Romans? No; she noticed there weren’t any cameras. And she wondered why she would actually be on a movie set as she wasn’t an actress. She had to be dreaming.

Too much strangeness around.

“Could somebody please take us home?” She asked nobody in particular, and still quite abruptly. She was cold, wet and tired. Too cold, wet and tired for it to be a dream.

Zeus walked over from his chariot, and spoke gently to Jean. “Yes, child, I will ensure you get home, at the correct time, on the correct date, and with everything as it should be.”

Jean, once again, was confused. What a strange thing to say, she thought. What a strange night.

This is another part of my Legendary Circles storyline, which is currently going through a very confused stage. The previous part can be found by clicking here. There are many other parts to this tale, and they can be found, along with other multi-parters, in my Storylines menu. This link will take you there.

18 thoughts

  1. I’ve been zapping back and forth, Sir Aquatom, and I must admit I do like the Goddesses as you’ve described ’em, Ath and Hez, searching t’nett… and finding Gerald … Circles within circles… Strangeness abounds, but I love ‘strange’ … (Off to mix my batter… or batter my mix? 😉 ) xPenx


    1. The Goddesses are fun to write actually, Pen, but at the moment I’ve reached a tricky part of the story. Well, the characters have led me there, and they aren’t doing anything to help me to get them out! However, I will continue to try!
      Mixing batter and battering mix – both work!


  2. Sounds like the Twilight Zone to me…What a creepy feeling to have. Not knowing where you are. I guess you experience that a lot TL in the mansion, never knowing what is going to be outside your window or where the next room will lead…Don’t get lost! Happy Bunny day….VK


  3. Dreams can be very strange, this I know, not that this one was your, Sir Tom, but you know what I mean.
    Very well written, my friend
    Happy Easter to you too! 🙂


    1. Not forgotten it, Prenin, just had a few problems with this part of the story… things aren’t flowing as well. Hopefully the blockage has now been cleared, and the story can unravel itself once again! 😀


  4. My dreams have become strange since I started reading this series. A) I can remember my dreams. And B) they are bizarre. I wonder what they will include tonight, now that I’ve read this one. 🙂 Great post.


    1. Thank you. I’m glad for you that you can remember your dreams now, Andra, even though they’re strange ones! They’re actually the best kind!
      I hope that you have a really good, and memorable, dream tonight!


    1. Hiya, Nikki! Happy Easter to you too! 😀
      Don’t worry… I need to catch up with the story as well! 😉
      Thanks for popping by – as always, it’s lovely to see you!


  5. Going through posts from the most recent….
    I’m glad though that Athena was nice enough to give the baby back! I can’t wait for the answers to the questions too….hehe…oh wait…Gerald wrote a book about them and it wasn’t all very nice stuff!!! D’oh me..


    1. I have a little twist that I’m trying to write into this ever-twisting tale, Shree, which is proving difficult at present… the characters are steering the story, you see, and I need to bring them back a little so we can get on the right track. And yes, Gerald did write about the Goddesses back in the day!


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