Beyond the Sphere


Round and over and through Gathering no moss Or flies The point – What is the point? It’s there Somewhere Hidden within the process Clouded by the confusion Hidden within the hype But lost Buried Yet somehow Made… Read More

Wordle: Longing

Emotions flow like rivers Epic thoughts blow in and out in gusts List after list of questions or needs appear Should I? Shouldn’t I? I hesitate. Would you? Feelings dump themselves upon me Trying to hammer home what… Read More

One Minute Ramble: As it was…

As it was Is as it was back then And as it is now Isn’t as it was, It’s as it is,Yet, Back then, As it was was as it is In the moment And as it was… Read More

The slightly word-heavy not-so-heavy blog post

This is the place where the extraordinary happens Not spectacular, but ordinary with a little extra zing, This is the place where the rain falls It just does – that’s no special thing This is the place where… Read More

Almost Rhymeless Nonsense

As I ate a sandwichThinking basically nothingI noticed a little problemAn itch somewhere beneath my elbow My cup which once contained liquidNow stands on the table emptyEmptied by the monsterBut that’s my little secret I trekked across the… Read More