Beyond the Sphere

Friday Thoughts

As the weather has been somewhat magnificent this week, I have taken to walking more rather than driving. All perfectly fine, and no crowded areas so social distancing isn’t an issue. Where there are people, there’s enough space… Read More

Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts It’s been another relaxing week here at the Mansion, and outside in the Wider World. The weather’s been warmish, although, apparently, it is expected to become scorching over the next few days. I don’t mind the… Read More

Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday Monday It’s Bank Holiday Monday That feels like a Sunday No different from a Saturday But hey! Just as Friday With a hint of Thursday And a touch of Wednesday Blended with Tuesday Four walls My… Read More

Into the Slipstream

The Slipstream Stars that aren’t stars And things that aren’t things Dreams that aren’t real And voids closed off for exploration Abstract anomalies Absurd realities Invasive thoughts And hidden agendas Buried truths and obvious lies Misleading facts And… Read More

Orion’s Watcher

Silence screams through the night Awakening the Watcher \ alert Betelgeuse stirs