Dear Everyone,
Happy Good Friday to you all. Things are slightly different this Easter with plenty of time available for ‘Me Time’. Take it! Enjoy it! Have fun! And stay safe.

Dear The Weather,
You’re glorious today, aren’t you? I can hear the birds in the trees out in the Grinds chirping merrily away, almost chantlike in actual fact. Please continue to shine the Sun’s glorious, healing and Feel Good rays onto us.

Dear The Birds,
What are you singing? You’re all chirping at stopping at the same time, as though you’re all singing the same song. You sound very happy and cheerful, and with the lovely Sunshine you’re making a wonderful Spring-feel Good Friday.

Dear The SuperMoon,
Sorry I didn’t manage to take a good photograph of you the other day. I shall try to be ready the next time you call around, which will mean that I have to learn how to use my camera properly. But learning is always fun, so I’m looking forward to it!

Dear Grapefruit,
How refreshing have you become? I’ve always enjoyed eating you, but lately you truly have become a taste sensation, unless my taste buds have changed. But no, I shall give the credit to your very own deliciousness!

Dear TV,
I usually enjoy watching your historical Easter specials when you show them at this time of the year (obviously, they wouldn’t really fit in at any other time!) so you can imagine how disappointed I was to not find a single one. If you are showing them on one of your ‘other’ channels that I haven’t checked, I apologise, but please try to do better next year with the ‘main’ channels!

Dear Dreams,
Would you be so kind as to ‘drop’ a hint to a meaning when next you present me with one of the coin dreams? This morning’s dream featured a chest full of brand new shiny old coins from the early 1900s. I can clearly remember how they smelled, how they felt, the colour of their metal, but I have no idea where I was, how I’d come across the chest and why some of the coins were square (although for that latter one I may have one explanation!)

Dear Becky,
I think your square challenge is now infiltrating my dreams. Last night, I dreamt of square coins – but I have dreamt of these before, so I can’t say it is the challenge entirely. Perhaps your challenge this time has merely reactivated that part of my Dream Vault!

Dear Blogland,
In case you aren’t aware, Becky (who I sent a letter to above) hosts a photographic blogging challenge every three months, with a different theme. This time around, the theme is ‘Top’, and the rule is merely to include a square photograph containing an image linked to the theme. I’ve already posted a few photos for this challenge, more than I thought I had, if truth be told.

And finally, Dear Eastertide,
I never realised you covered the fifty days from Easter Sunday; I always thought you merely referred to the period of Good Friday to Easter Sunday. So that’s another thing I’ve learned, and as I mentioned in an earlier letter, learning is always fun!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. Here’s another attempt of a square photo of the Moon. I took this through glass on the night after the SuperMoon. I feel on Top of the World (!) to have been able to take a photo which actually shows the surface. Yes, I know it’s totally blurred, but I’m still happy with what I have… which is all that’s important these days! And I’m learning!

Squares header Logo!

7 thoughts

  1. What no ‘Zulu Dawn’? (very inappropriate over here, of course). No ‘Sound of Music’? (wild horses would not drag me to the TV to watch, I’m afraid). But no WW2 Classics? What is the world coming to??
    Have a great Easter Weekend, Tom!

    PS I’ve a bucket of gold coins which the octopuses brought.

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    1. Actually, Chris, thinking about it, I didn’t see any movies either… they must’ve been on somewhere. Not that I watch any of those you’ve mentioned here….

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  2. Yay you got the moon shot 🙂 and you should be very proud. Amazing to get this through glass – here’s hoping squares do not appear in your dreams again! Intriguing dreams though

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