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One Word Sunday is back this week, and Debbie has set the theme of ‘Wet’. There has been an abundance of wet things of late, but I have opted to use one of my photos from those little Seedlings that provided lots of colour (and photographs!) over the Summer. Wet petals and a purple and green photograph welcome in October. Purple and green – perfect colours for the Hallowe’en period! (For more interpretations of the theme, please visit Debbie’s site via the link at the beginning!)

Who Is This?


I had to do it.

Another of my c’est magnifique portraits that look nothing like the person they are meant to. This one joins the ranks with Lynda Carter who was last year’s victim celebrity chosen to be my subject for #WorldWatercolorMonth.

I shall ask the question now, and then leave you guessing until I reveal who it is in a few day’s time. As with Lynda last year, I may paint a few clues along the way, if guesses are particularly miles off. I say guesses, stabs in the dark may be closer. You first have to first decide whether it is male or female, and take it from there.


Without further ado. Drumroll please, for dramatic effect…




As with previous posts such as this, please feel free to throw your wild guesses into the mix… well, into the comments below. I will not be offended by whoever you say, it is all in fun, and I haven’t got two ha’pennies to rub together for a prize; so it’s just as well.

And no offence is intended to the celebrity (whoever he or she may be!) should you happen by this post. I’m terrible at portraits, and have only recently (last year) started back using watercolour, so need all the practice I can get. You were fun to paint, however. If that helps.

Visit the link below (click the box) for more details on WorldWatercolorMonth.


Footprints in the Sand

Professor Graunt of the Healding Institute was the first to spot the rift.

“It’s clearly obvious, the more you look at it!” He said, in his usual over-excited way. “Just look at this remarkable photograph; the unmistakable footprints walking right to left, left foot first. The first two steps, clearly shodden, are those of an older person. The next two are barefoot, and most definitely younger. Look closely and notice the line in the sand that divides the two pairs of footprints.

“The ripples from the tide are clearly visible all over the sand’s surface, but not at the band that intersects vertically across the centre. That band is the rift between time and space. That band is proof, PROOF I tell you, that time travel is not only possible, it exists and is readily available for anybody wishing to step back in time… but in age though, not history.”

This post is in response to a writing challenge by Frank (from A Frank Angle). The badge above will take you to Frank’s site, where other contributors are also linking. The challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 150 words. I used each and every one of them… a slight variation on embracing the Inner Child, perhaps?

On a side note, this post is my two thousand two hundred and twenty second post here on WordPress. 2222! Yet another milestone reached! 

Post 2,000

Hehehehe! Hahahaha!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Do you remember recently, I mentioned I had an announcement to make? Well, yesterday’s Party Like It’s 1999 post should have given a really HUGE clue as to what the announcement was going to be. Especially when I stated in the party post:

In some ways, it actually is!

That’s right. The party post was my 1,999th post.

Which means that this post, this very post, this actual very post that you are reading these words on right now, right at this time is, wherever and whenever you are, and for now and forever, will forever be my 2,000th post on this blog! I DID IT! And well over a month before my deadline of December 31st 2016.

No bells or whistles, though, with this one. Just a little post, that’s all.

Here’s a cobbled-together image which shows just how the countdown began from when I officially had fifty days left:

I was determined I was going to see this challenge out. On February 29th this year, I outlined what I needed to do. I simply had to publish another 399 posts back then by the end of the year to achieve my goal. Well, I SMASHED it!

OK, some of the posts were filler posts, but they were still posts. They still brought the total up to my 2,000 goal. And here’s to my next two thousand, although I’ll be taking a slightly more relaxed approach from now on. One thing is for sure, this is actual proof that if we set a goal, decide to stick to it, and decide to go for it, then we can do it. We really can achieve anything we put our minds to, with perhaps a little, a smidgen of, extra work.

Way back on May 13th 2010, this blog (or a variation of it) sprung into life. I had no idea what I was getting into, how long it would last, where it would take me, the people I would meet along the way, the fun I would have, the places I would go to, the adventures I would experience, the things I would learn, the challenges I would face, the fun I would have (I think I’ve mentioned that one!). Now, 2,000 posts later (hehehe!), I can say one thing. I love writing. I love this place. I love the people who visit and the interactions I have with everyone. I love the other blogs that I visit. I love seeing the world through my computer screen, learning about folk’s day to day lives through their writing or photos or poems or artwork. Yes, blogging is a fun experience. It’s an escape. And it’s a bloody good one. OK. I said more than one thing.

Thank you all who visit for sharing this experience with me. I chose this month’s theme ‘With Gratitude’ with this also in mind; as well as with Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving also falling in this month. I’m just grateful I managed to achieve my goal within this month.

And now… we move forward…

Icewolf on the Nature Trail

#NatureDoodlewash (Loosely, I hasten to add!)

We’ve kind of found ourselves a little lost on the Nature Trail today. Knee-deep in snow, which is nice and refreshing for the time of year, we come across the most rare of rare creatures: the Icewolf. Occasionally seen in Cheshire, they are normally found around, strangely, unused stations in the south of England. Legend has it they are trying to explore the long abandoned buildings, but they are always thwarted either by security guards or security fences. But, they persevere!

In actual fact, Icewolf is a blogging buddy, who ‘challenged’ me to paint an Icewolf in a comment on a recent post. I find it hard to resist a challenge, particularly one that involves me sploshing a little water around. I’ve recently gotten into creating actual ‘paintings’ (at the moment I use that term very lightly, but I’m enjoying the process so I’ll stick with it!), so this was one challenge I had to have a go at – time permitting or not!

As in my last Doodlewash, I used watercolour pencils for this creation. I thought I had used a lot of water as well to blend and spread the colours around a little more watercoloury, but looking at the lines on this that doesn’t appear to be the case. However, there are areas where the watercolour effect is evident, so I’m happy with that. One of the eyes is a little dodgy, but on the whole I’m pleased with this result. It’s the first Icewolf I’ve ever painted, or pencilled, or whatever the term is. Next time, I’ll get the paints out again. I’m liking the watercolour pencils, but I’m not really sure if it falls under the watercolour umbrella properly.

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