The brilliance of the Moon shone through the open window. The air cooling considerably to match the more chilled air outside.

The old wooden beams and floorboards began to settle themselves for the cold night ahead, creaking and moaning as they did. The wood expanded and contracted to fit in with their surroundings, sometimes causing their neighbours to moan in disagreement as they are forced to move from their already settled positions.

Planks creak and scrape together as they regain their desired positions. Doors slam shut as they swing freely with the movement, almost as if helped by unseen hands.

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  1. Our old cottage ‘talked’ to us too. Creaks, cracks, and generally noises which at first scared us half to death, but eventually we loved them all.

    Although mind … there actually was a ghost who lived in that cottage. We’d suspected it for quite some time, but then I went, at my mothers request, to a Spiritualists Church, where they were having a medium to give messages. My mother R.E.A.L.L.Y. wanted to go (strange for her because she was Roman Catholic), so I went with her.

    The Medium waved her arm over the left side of the seated audience and said that she was being led to “this side” . . . she said she had a spirit ‘here’ who wanted to communicate…. and she looked over the faces and rested upon mine. “YOU!” she said pointing at me. “Me?” I mouthed, putting my hand up to my chest as if adding weight to the ‘me’.

    Yes indeed, she meant me. She then went on to tell me that she knew I had a spirit in my home, who hid things. I gasped. Indeed, this was true – things did seem to go missing and we couldn’t find them again for weeks – when they’d suddenly turn up in plain sight!

    She explained that my spirit was a little girl, who was attached to me. She was attracted to me and loved to be around me. I asked, puzzled, if perhaps this was a relative who had passed on. But she said no. Not a relative. Just simply a spirit child who felt an attachment to me.

    The medium told me also that she liked to play with the microwave. OH. MY. GOOD. GARDEN. CABBAGE!!!
    Goosebumps all over my body. This I could see what absolutely true – so much so that this had happened once when I was out of the house and my mother was babysitting. Noises of the microwave ‘buttons’ being tapped – beep, beep. Beep. It scared my mother half to death.

    The medium then said … “There’s a dial in the kitchen, somewhere. Perhaps on a wall or something. She likes to turn the dial and make it click. It’s her way of letting you know she’s there.

    Right at that point I KNEW that this woman had something which allowed her to know these things.

    There was no one in that room who my mother or myself had ever seen before. Neither of us had mentioned the microwave beeps, or the dial clicks, or the things going missing, to ANYONE. We just put it down to us being forgetful, or power surges which made the microwave beeps.

    But here was this really nice lady telling me things that she couldn’t possibly have found out from anywhere.

    I told her how concerned I was about the microwave and I’d begun to leave a cup of water inside the microwave because I was so scared that it was going to start actually working and heating ‘nothing’ and maybe cause damage. I asked her if she could ask the little girl not to play with the microwave, and also ask her if she could please bring back my black leather belt with the silver buckle. The medium said I could ask her these things myself. (Which I did, and would you believe – the microwave barely beeped afterwards (just twice) and the silver buckle belt turned up three days later, hanging over the back of a chair in the dining room).

    There were other things she told me about, but I won’t bore you to tears, and neither do I share this in order to scare you to goosebumps. But I assure you with my whole heart that what I’ve shared here is true.

    Please tell me that you’re heart is still beating at a regular rate, otherwise I’ll worry about you! lol.

    Great post Tom.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. I did. I sat calmly at the dining room table and spoke gently to her, thank her for coming and told her how much I’d enjoyed her visit. I then explained that she belonged somewhere else, and that I wanted her to turn around and see the Light. Once I ‘felt’ that she’d done as I asked, I then explained that she needed to walk into that light, and it would take her home, where she belonged.

        It was as if I could feel her essence for a couple of hours afterwards, but then it was as if the cottage took a sigh and everything felt ‘normal’. Dare I say … boring?

        I was kind of sad to have had to say goodbye to her as she’d become almost part of the family. Bless her.
        ~ Cobs. x

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        1. I’m so happy to hear that she has gone to where she belongs. Being earthbound is a sad way to be – caught in the ‘tween and not being able to grow and learn in new places and spaces. You had her for a while – and now you have memories. But you can still chat to her even now!!

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    1. My heart is just fine, thank you, Cobs. I love tales such as yours!
      I have (had) a visitor who I named Dot (she hasn’t called by for a while). She likes my electrical gadgets… my music system the most. She’ll turn it on and crank the volume right up so only that loud crackly white noise is heard. I was sorting through some papers one day when she did it, so I kept turning it off as I was rather busy. She did it one more time, so I just unplugged the system. The next thing, whilst it was unplugged, she turned it on again, and cranked the volume up really loud. Needless to say, I swiftly stood up, apologised to her loudly, and plugged it back in. I said to her ‘go on, play!’ but she must have used her energies on her last show of power.
      I didn’t see her for a while since then, but every now and then I’ll know she’s there. And she still plays with the music system, but not as much.
      I don’t know why I named her Dot, but it just seems to fit with her. And I know she’s a she, as one morning as I was waking up in bed, she simply said ‘Hello’ to me… she had a Joanna Lumley type of voice… she was as clear as someone else in the room.
      There’s more to this world than what we see around us, and events such as these make it all the more fascinating.
      Thanks for sharing your experience, Cobs.

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      1. Dear Dot likes the music, doesn’t she! But LOUD. eeek! Perhaps she was a little deaf in life, and remembers this, so feels the need to crank up the volume. Bless her heart.

        The music playing when you’d unplugged it …. well I’ll be honest here, that would have freaked me out to the extent of putting the whole music system away and making sure that no records or tapes / cd’s were left in it. Then I’d have sat down and had a bit of a chat with Dot and nicely told her that doing something like that wasn’t OK to do because it could be both dangerous and scary, and I’m sure she wouldn’t want to be scare. However, if she did it again, I’d ask her to leave. (I’m not great with noise, it jangles all my senses!)

        I’d LOVE her Joanna Lumley voice though! Ahh, now that’s a voice which is beautiful.

        Does she ever scare you Tom? Do you feel safe when she’s let you know she’s there?

        Thanks for the share of your experiences. I love to hear about things that have happened like this to other people. You’re right, there really is more to this world than we see around us.

        Sending big squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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        1. Hi Cobs… no, she doesn’t scare me, although she does take me unawares when she pops up as she does. Whenever the music system switches on by itself, I just say hello to her now. She doesn’t turn the volume up any longer, she just switches the thing on – I think just to let me know she’s here. She’ll switch it off now as well, which is good.
          I’d love to try speaking to her, to hear what she has to say. I heard an old hand school bell once (there are no schools around where I live), so maybe she has a connection to a school somehow. I believe where I live used to be the site of an old school, so maybe she’s connected there.
          The next time the music system comes on, I’ll ask (if I think on!) and see what happens.
          Yes, the voice was very calming and gentle, so I think she is a good soul. I certainly do not feel uncomfortable when she’s around – even when she used her magic on the unplugged music system.
          Yes, I’ll see what I can find out!
          Big squidges received and kindly reflected, Cobs… have a great Sunday!

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          1. She sounds like someone who likes your company Tom. Bless her heart. I’m really glad that she doesn’t freak you out or make you feel uncomfortable, for spirits like that can make living in a home nigh on impossible sometimes.

            I’d love to think that at some point you do get to ‘speak’ with her.
            In the meantime … sending a bucket of squidges laced with love (no gin and tonic, no rum and no whisky – you have enough spirits! lol). ~ Cobs. xxx 😀

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