There will be no need for garlic

I’ve just managed to get out of my car. The courtyard outside is flooded. The rain and the wind seem to have reached monsoon levels. Well, maybe not, but that’s how they appear.

After I paddled across the courtyard to reach the front door, trying my best not to get wet by doing my best ‘dodge the raindrop’ dance, I arrived at the door, soaked.

Through the howls of the wind and pattering of heavy raindrops, I could hear the creatures of the night stirring around me; waiting to be able to move themselves, but, like me, not wanting to get too wet in these extreme weather conditions.

I opened the door, and quickly stepped inside, after hearing a wolf howl ominously behind me. They enjoy howling around here, those wolves. Especially at this time of the year.

A bolt of lightning lit up the courtyard as I closed the door behind me, shutting out the elements. Just as I closed the door, I saw a hunched figure, arms out-stretched in front walking – or rather, limping –  towards me, dragging one of its legs as it moved. It groaned. And I could smell it even inside the door. Phew!

Inside, I walked upstairs to the Landing. The Shield on the wall reflected another flash of lightning, and as I glanced over to the window a white sheet seemed to glide passed, outside.

I visited the bathroom, and received the fright of my life when I switched on the light. And no, before you ask, it wasn’t the reflection of my hair in the mirror. I knew that was what you were thinking, and although it was worthy of a shocked reaction, I was more shocked by the figure standing before me.

In my bathroom was my old friend Reg the Vampire.

Between me and the mirror, my old friend smiled enigmatically. In the mirror, there was only my reflection (hence me noticing my hair!) and no Reg, he always liked to show off like that.

I asked him what he was doing in my bathroom – he has an unnerving ability of being able to ‘turn up’ whenever and wherever he wants to – and he replied that he’s currently suffering from a cold, and his direction was a little off. He’d actually aimed for the lounge.

His enigmatic smile changed into a broad grin, and then stifled laughter as he noticed my hair. I ignored this completely.

I sorted my hair the best I could under the circumstances, and asked Reg what his reason was for coming over tonight… he usually phones.

He said that he’d become aware that I was due to explore a new part of the Mansion sometime soon, and he just wanted to wish me luck.  As he was speaking, we walked out of the bathroom, along the landing; and as he was speaking, he continued to glance and nod at the shield on the wall, although he didn’t say anything about it.

His last words before he faded into the night were “There’ll be no need for garlic”.

Reg, as we all know, is a Psychic Vampire. An actual psychic one who can get through to a mobile phone when it isn’t even charged… not someone who sucks your energy and leaves you feeling deflated when you’re in their presence. The thing is, with him being a vampire, he also likes speaking cryptically, and in riddles.

So now, I’m wondering. Did he mean I need garlic for when I explore or not? Or do I need the shield? Or did he just like it? Or did he just appear because I haven’t mentioned him this year and it’s Halloween tomorrow? Hmmm… questions, questions, questions!


In case you haven’t the foggiest notion what I’m wittering on about, where have you been? Tomorrow night, I shall be exploring a new part of the Mansion.


Regular updates will be provided throughout the evening, starting around 5pm UK time. I have no idea what I’ll experience, but you are invited to pop along and experience it with me. (Bear in mind it may be as boring as it may be exciting…)

Use the comments to the posts to add any Halloween thoughts or strange experiences you may have whilst I’m bravely going where no-one has gone for a while. Also, if you write a Halloween themed post, link to it in the comments. I’ll provide a round-up of all links in a post on November 1st, All Hallows Day.

If you’re new here, please still comment… I’ll leave instructions for the butler to moderate the comments if needed while I’m hard at work exploring (if I can find him, that is…), although I may not be able to respond to comments straight away. Who said what’s new there? I heard you at the back!

Here’s to a fun-filled Halloween!

See you tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “There will be no need for garlic

  1. Have fun Tom! 🙂

    Halloween for me is a case of turning off the lights and pretending I’m not home!!! 🙂

    We had a bout of sporadic explosions before the rain moved in which indicates that Bonfire night is on its way! 😦

    Hope you dried off OK – it’s been persisting down and then some!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!



  2. Tom I am covered in cobwebs but I am catching up quick via the emails, LOL and Loving this spooky tale…
    enjoy Halloween my friend and I happen to Love Garlic… So I await in anticipation of their being some left over for me if you don’t need any 😉


  3. Hello Reg!!! About time you put in an appearance 😉 I suspect you are the only one who knows what Tom is letting himself in for…lol…I guess he won’t need the garlic as you said…after all zombies, gremlins, creepy creepy slithery things that go bump in the night and wailing ghostly sheets flying manically around the mansion probably won’t respond as planned to the garlic! The shield on the other paw…now that is sheer genius 🙂 Tom doesn’t realise yet that the howling wolves have come all the way from Europa to add icy atmosphere to his adventures in the mansion…and we might well need to cower behind his shield when the smelly zombies and the dark demons from hell’s door sweep in!! 🙂 I trust we will be seeing you around the mansion tonight young Reg!!


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