31st October 2013 17:00 Hours

Well, this is different, it must be said!

Here I am, outside of the window – the roof window that is – of the extra part of the Mansion that was revealed a few weeks ago.

Just to fill in, very briefly, odd things happen around here regularly; and recently there was an earthquake that revealed an extra part of the Mansion out in the Grinds (also known as the ‘grounds around the Mansion’)… The top part of a sub-terranean annex was unexpectedly revealed.

I’ve decided to explore this new Room tonight, as for one, it’s a spooky night, and as for two, well, why not? A live exploration on Halloween always has a special pull!

The weather’s a trifle odd tonight. Slippery surfaces in some places, dry in others. Warmish with a cold edge. Otherwise known, aptly for Halloween, as chilly.

I’m sure I’ve seen the Moon somewhere up above, but I can’t find it right now. It isn’t exactly dark yet, but the Moonlight may come in handy later. Twilight’s always a good time!

I have with me my mobile phone, so I can update my blog and take photos on a regular basis. I may not be able to reply immediately to comments tonight (if you leave any!) but I promise I will eventually. I also have with me a manky old rope ladder from the Cellar, which I’ll use later to lower myself into the Room. A basket with a flask of tea and a couple of fireworks has been provided for me to take with me when I go, and in my rucksack I have a couple of butties and slices of Victoria sponge.

I’m about to open the window and step inside this newly revealed realm.

I’ll report back later with what I find…

For now, I’m going in…!

10 thoughts

  1. Ah yes!!!! TL is entering the realm of who knows what!? Glad you are prepared for the adventure TL. Hope you remembered the extra batteries for as I told you, spirits will drain them dry in seconds. You DO NOT want to be without communication! Good luck my friend and I wish you well. Stay dry and warm. Sending prayers for a safe journey within….VK


  2. An EARTHQUAKE??!!! Oh wolf!! How exciting lol And the Grinds…you don’t do things by halves in the Manison do you? And this is only the beginning! Oh wolfie fleas!! Btw…it is only 2 nights before New Moon…the moon phase is almost non existent now so I wouldn’t rely too heavily on it lighting your way…you’ll just have to take your chances I’m afraid 🙂 HoooOOOOooOOWWWWWwwwwWWWLLLLLLLLLL!!


    1. This Mansion doesn’t do things by halves, Icewolf! It’s always up to something!
      I think you’ve explained why I couldn’t see the Moon… but I’m sure I saw it earlier. Maybe it was a street light. It’s easy to mix the two up occasionally…


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