Oh, woe is me.
I’m completely woed to the brim.
Woed out.
It’s Valentine’s week, and I’ve gone and done something so silly, it’s unbelievable. Something I never do. Something I would never do. And I received a congratulatory email for doing it as well.

Oh, no! Oh, woe!

No, I haven’t gone out and bought any Valentine’s cards / chocolates / champagne / strawberries / romantic music / heart-shaped pizzas / teddy bears with balloons / flowers / traditional Valentine’s ‘attire’ / banners to tie onto the back of a plane to fly over someone’s house with a ghastly loving message on / rings / or other stuff. I would never do any of that, which is actually what I actually haven’t done.

What I actually have actually done is utterly ridiculous.

The email said I was vain.

The email said that I thought it was all about me.

Which I obviously knew it wasn’t. How can an email tell me what I’m thinking? Anyway. Oh, woe…

I’ve recently set up a new home page for my blog. It looks atrocious in Internet Explorer, I’ve recently discovered, so I may have to try to tweak things a little in the near future. I’ll see about that at another time though.

Anyway, the other day I was looking at something on the homepage, when I noticed another of those ‘spark lines’ (I think they’re called) at the top of the screen – you know, the ones that show the visitors per hour in a little graph. The normal graph was there, and beside it was another with a star beside it, one vertical line and then a few dots along the bottom.

Now, with me being somewhat of a hexpert with computers, I instantly thought it would be a tally of all of those readers and visitors who like my posts… similar to the tally of the hactual visitors themselves next to it. My hexpert must have been asleep at the time, I think, as I hadn’t noticed that the screen was slightly smaller than usual, and I was reading on a 90% zoom level. I’m a magician with computers, I’ll tell you. I can get them to do things without even doing anything.

Anyway, I clicked on this new spark line, only to discover that I’d actually clicked on the option to like the post. In this case, I’d liked my home page. The spark line wasn’t a spark line at all, but a smaller like button. The vertical line was actually a capital L:

90 per cent
one hundred per cent

I don’t think the Reblog option was there, but these things tend to change daily. The first image above is how I saw the menu bar at my magical 90% magnification level. The second image is how it normally looks. See how it looks like a new spark line? So, I clicked it.

I liked my own page.

I received an email, with a poster sized image attachment of my gravatar announcing that I liked my own post.


The email was so large, I couldn’t view it all in one go:

top third of poster sized email

bottom third of poster sized email

The thing is, parts of the blog ARE about me, it’s my blog about me, and other things. The home page, however, isn’t. It’s the home page for my blog. I know that IT isn’t about me.

I’m not vain. I have bad hair days. I wouldn’t have bad hair days, email,  if I was vain.

What makes matters worse, is I can’t UNlike the page. Every time I try, my magic works once again.

The like panel looks like this when I like my home page:

When liked

But when I unlike it:

When unliked

Luckily it resets itself after that so I still like it. But, yesterday, it said ‘You and 43 other bloggers like this’, rather than the whopping 513 that it’s displaying today.

So, in conclusion, even though it says that I like my home page on the home page, I don’t really. I mean I do like it, but not in the liking it way that the like button indicates. Which is what I use when I like posts, so please don’t think that if I like your post when I visit your blog, I’ve clicked the button in error, because I haven’t. I wouldn’t do that.

Unless it’s on my own blog, when I wouldn’t normally do it there either. And then I may.

Oh woe.

I could pull my hair out, I really could… only I feel better with it in, regardless of how it looks.

35 thoughts

  1. Tom, I have a solution to your Valentine problem, which may or may not help your vanity. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras. Go out and have a big ole Fat Tuesday, and you may still not remember the 14th by the time it rolls around. Of course, you may also get fired from your job, but I will leave that up to your discretion.


    1. Thanks, Andra, that is a good idea! Only I have to be up extra early on Wednesday morning, so I’ll have to celebrate inwardly. Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras – Pancake Day – all far better than Valentine’s anyway! Even the thought of them!


  2. I’m with Andra. Go celebrate Mardi Gras. Who cares about the like button anyway? It is okay for you to like your own page…it is yours!


  3. Of course your blog can be solely about you. Most peopkle’s blogs are.

    I’m still eating my way through birthday and christmas chocolate so I won’t be spending money on it when the prices double for Valentine’s day.


  4. WP is a mystery to me- I do the little bits I’ve worked out how to do, and rarely attempt much else. And when I get it wrong I rant and complain- you’re doing woe beautifully 🙂


    1. I’m still working things out myself, Fiona, hence the need to try anything new that I see.
      I shan’t be doing that in a hurry for a while in the near future… And thanks – I like to dress up woe every now and then! 😀


  5. Poor T….I hit the like button once on one of my posts by accident so I hit like again and it went away…Guess you must have a glitch, then again the mansion is famous for glitches 🙂 actually it is the universe talking to you T…this new paradigm is all about learning to love ourselves as well as others, so clicking the like button is in keeping with the shift going on. All is well T…VK


    1. It’s an odd feeling, VK, isn’t it, when you like yourself? How you instantly have the urge to unlike yourself straight away!
      I think you’re right about it being a message from the Universe – I’m going to keep the like there! How can I expect anybody else to like it if I ‘don’t’ myself? 😉 Oh, and the Mansion will have had it’s doors involved somewhere…


  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA!!!!! OMG Tom….you are just too funny!!!! LOL!
    I can’t stop laughing!!
    Phew…ok…on a normal note..it is completely fine to like your own page and to show it too!!


  7. I’m wit the others. Since I have NO idea what’s going on electronically (it bloggles my mind–pardon the pun), I would go celebrate Mardi Gras, not with Pancakes but with some serious alcoholic substance if I imbedded (which I don’t) but I would overindulge on chocolate as comfort food. And why shouldn’t you like your own page? I could never begin to attempt my own webpage. Too much complicated for me. Kudos to you for attempting it. Now go celebrate, It will be there tomorrow to fight with.


  8. I would never think you are vain–no-o, I would NOT. However, I understand your situation as the other day, I ‘pinged’ my post of sent a ping. When I saw it was from me to me, I felt stupid. What will others think? I left the room. These things happen, I guess. Fingers quicker than lightening.


    1. Tess, you made me laugh when you said you left the room! It’s funny the things we have to do when something doesn’t quite turn out the way we expected – or even thought! And the phrase ‘what will others think?’ seems really to be a contributing factor as well!


  9. LOL! I did the same thing when I started my blog, and then I accidentally did it again on my Facebook page. I was embarrassed for a while, and then I decided it was okay to like myself. We Like you, Tom – no woe necessary! 🙂


  10. There is a back door way to unlike yourself, I think. I know this because once upon a time I also liked myself. Makes you go hot and cold, doesn’t it? I shall have a ferret around and see if I can remember how I did it…


    1. It’s a very strange experience to go through, Kate, isn’t it?
      Anyway, I’ve decided to keep the like where it is. It was obviously meant to happen. Either that or I’ve been spending far too much time around cats that curiosity got the better of me…


  11. This is hilarious! I have liked my own page too, but I was able to unlike it. And WordPress sent you a “You’re so vain” telegram email????? That is crazy! Hahaha!
    Well happy Valentine’s Day!
    Thanks for bringing this to the party!


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