Storm's Eye

Clouds change shape as the wind howls around
Lightning crackles as rain lashes the ground
Darks and lights swirl all through the sky
Anger is visible within the storm’s eye

A clap of thunder

A strong gust of wind

A sense of freshness

Yet fear is within

Strong and wild is the storm, as it moves inland
With turbulent waters and energised sand
Waves crash on rocks as trees bear the brunt
All is not calm with this weather front

However one part is calm,
And still,
And clear,
The eye of the storm is almost here…

This week’s Illustration Friday theme is Storm, and I went with an obvious choice: the eye of the storm. But then, I wanted to do something a little different with it, and wanted to make the eye more of an actual eye.

I tried to make the blue appear to be some kind of angry bird flying into land, yet still blending in with the swirling greys around it. I wanted the eye to stand out slightly from the rest of the image, and then thought that a storms eye should be red. And lizard like.

I had a dream once where I was in the eye of a storm, and it was nothing like this image. It was very warm, and calm, and very peaceful – however, on the horizon the swirling clouds could be seen moving ever closer. And even though it was a dream, I can still remember the feeling of the very warm winds to this day.

Here’s hoping that we don’t experience any storms this year; or if we do, they are over soon after they begin. After clearing the air that is. Storms are good for that!

19 thoughts

  1. I like the way you blended the colours to show the wind and the clouds!!! Nice one 🙂

    PS: Tom..just wanted to know if you noticed you submitted your art to IF using your homepage link and not the blog post link…..or was that your intention? Actually thought that your header was the art submitted and liked that too!!! A Storm of hearts 😀 hehe


    1. Thanks, Shree.
      I’m experiencing technical difficulties getting my image uploaded to IF today – I’ve asked for them to be removed and I’ll try again tomorrow. I can’t try again today – it looks like I’m spamming them with my blog’s header… 😦
      I’ve had a few technical hiccups this week…! 😯


        1. Problem solved, Shree! I was trying to upload an image that was about four billion gigabytes in size. I probably ground the entire internet to a halt whilst I tried to do it – five times in fact! Sigh. Me and computers…!


  2. I have been through a couple storms, one enjoyable in a strange sort of way, the other not so much. After the later I thought I could weather all storms, even the life ones. I was wrong. The life storms take longer to pass, usually and the eye equally slow in coming -but eyes of life storms do come. Hopefully one is lucky enough to ride it for all its worth.

    Well done, good shtufffs, graphically and subjectively.


    1. Rhymist and colour spreaderer, Prenin! Actually, Prenin, I don’t mind the artist title, but I can’t use what I write and the word poet together for some reason – it just doesn’t feel right! And thank you once again! 😀


  3. Make sure the retractable roof on the mansion is working well in case the storm blows your way. Keep creating T, it’s all wonderful…Blessings…VK


      1. Woke up to clearer skies and Sunshine, the rain over night cleared the snow… So been in the allotment clearing out the junk from the shed while hubby was muck spreading 🙂 … Nice and Mild today 🙂


  4. I love the ‘eye’ of the storm. Makes me think the storm has been drinking and is now in a powerful rage. Nice artwork, Tom.
    NICE header too.
    I don’t mind a mild summer storm to ‘clear the air’ as you say, but anything more than that–no.


    1. Thanks, Tess… yes, something has whipped the storm up into a frenzy good and proper this time!
      Only a couple of days left with this current header, and then it will be all change again!


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