Everything in twos

I have a strange compulsion. Strange in the fact that it isn’t there all of the time, and strange in the fact that it can be ignored as well. I experience this strange compulsion of mine mostly when shopping in Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) but it does creep in to other areas of my life as well.

I need to do everything in twos. Well, I need to when my compulsion strikes, if I don’t ignore it.

If I need to buy something, and there’s only one item left on the shelf, I won’t buy it. I always wonder why there’s only one left – why hasn’t the product sold out. Even if I only need to buy one of the items and I’m not in the midst of a compulsion, it stays on the shelf.

I love it when items are on the buy one get one free offer – I usually buy two. Four. Two plus the two free ones. I’m not too keen on the three for the price of two offers as I feel I’m being short-changed. And that also goes for the buy three items and get the cheapest free. Odd or what?

If I need a tissue, I’ll always take two. The one that I need, and a second just in case.

The same applies to kitchen roll… I always take two squares there.

I love seeing buses in twos, especially when they’re on the same route. In the past, when I used to use public transport, I always wanted to get on the second bus when this happened but never did.

Magpies – I need to see magpies in twos. When I see one, I always instantly look for another, and don’t rest until I see one. They may obviously not be together, but as long as I see two I’m fine.

I love seeing tandem bicycles, but always wonder how they work. Does one rider do most of the work and the other just goes along for the ride? What if one cycled quicker than the other – would the bike bend? No, I know that it wouldn’t, but I always imagine the front rider being high in the air if the back rider is the stronger peddler. I always chuckle when I see a tandem bike for this reason.

And cats. I love cats when they visit in twos. Yesterday Spudley and Shadow visited. I imagine these two as friends, but they are always hissing and growling and glaring at each other, but inches apart. I feel bad when I tickle Spudley as Shadow watches on, so I then have to tickle Shadow – and feel bad as Spudley watches on. They won’t allow me to tickle them both at the same time… which I am compelled to do.

There. I’ve written about my strange compulsion, and hopefully I can now move on. Or write a follow up post…

42 Comments on “Everything in twos

  1. Oh my…I too have a two compulsion, only mine involves throwing things away not buying. It centers mostly around food. If I just can’t finish a meal I have to make sure there is at least two of everything being thrown away so nobody gets lonely. Such as peas for example. Never scrape the plate with one pea remaining into the garbage!!! Is this insanity or compassion do you suppose? VK


  2. I think we all have a little OCD in us about something. I do like symmetry and struggle not to have ornaments and stuff just so….


  3. I typically buy more than one of a thing. Especially pens. And tissues and paper towels. And tea in cans. I buy in groups of ten. Beauty products I also buy in twos so I don’t run out, like cleansing pads. Maybe a bit of compulsion or insanity, I don’t know which. My daughter would say insanity but she’s always running out of things. Who’s the insane one, mmm?


  4. I’m “odd” . . . I like groupings of THREE . . . or SEVEN . . . or THIRTEEN. The symmetry of pairs (except for shoes and shocks and mittens and gloves) holds no allure. 😀


    • I’m glad to hear about the shoes Nancy – it would be odd to buy them in threes! Hehe! But no – you’re not odd. You’re just not the same as me. It’s good that we’re different! 😀


    • Nope, Diane… I’m Piscean. 😀 Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions. And just to add to the ‘twos’, Thomas means twin. I’m doubly affected! 😀


  5. I am lucky in that I don’t have a compulsion, but I DO buy two for one offers and anything with 50% extra in the box.

    I buy my boxes of teabags in pairs, especially if they are 50% extra free – that way I get three boxes for the price of two! 🙂

    I also have a compulsion to look for the second Magpie – we have three breeding pairs in the area and they are VERY smart birds! 🙂

    God Bless!



    • I still buy the 3 for 2 and the like, Prenin, but I feel shortchanged when they should have the buy one get one free offer on! And yes – finding that second magpie is important!


  6. My weird compulsion when shopping is to never take the thing on top or in the front. I almost always move them out of the way and pick something from the interior.


    • Ah. Thank you very much for thinking about my blog Mary, but I’m one of those who doesn’t participate in the awards. However, I am grateful for your nomination!


  7. I don’t share your proclivity to buy items in two, but I am pretty obsessed with freshness dates. Last week, I noticed that my boss bought a yogurt dated October 2012. She doesn’t check freshness dates, but now I think she might develop that habit.


    • Last week? Yogurt? October 2012! Yeek!
      I must admit there are some food things I don’t check the dates on, LA, your comment has served as a timely reminder that I must!


  8. Hmm..it’s the duality in you (like how we all have our dualities) that want those pairs! My untrained professional opinion..hehe..I *do* like using that line 😛


  9. I’m the opposite of you in so far as if I see something all on it’s own on the shelf I am compelled to buy it even if I don’t need it because it looks so sad all by itself and rejected by everyone! 🙂


    • Nooo… Icewolf… there needs to be balance in the trolley. And why has everyone left that lone item on the shelf all alone? Another thing that makes me feel the urge to look away quickly is if someone has placed a single item on a completely different shelf… like a tin of baked beans in with the sweetcorn. It’s just not right! Shopping’s fraught with challenges such as these…


      • Everyone has left that lone item on the shelf all alone because they’re mean and selfish! How do they think it feels sitting there all unloved and unwanted and passed over like that?!! 😉


        • OK then. Next time when I see an item all alone on a shelf, I shall move it to another shelf… absent-mindedly, obviously, as I don’t want anyone to think I would be doing it intentionally!.


  10. As a golfer, wish I had two chances on every shot, thus able to take the best one. Thanks for sharing your quirk … after all, who doesn’t have one? 😉


  11. Magpies aside, what about turtle doves? I worry when I see only one dove cooing. They mate for life and I worry something awful has happened to the missing one.


  12. I think your idea works well Tom
    and just think of all the extra goodies
    you will have stashed away 🙂

    I like stroking Cats too and for once
    I am not even going to be facetious 😉

    Have fun my great friend…



      • You need to keep hold of your trolley and return it after loading the car 🙂 I hope that your evening is going very smoothly my great friend 🙂


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