Becca at 25toFly has recently posted about her deepest darkest secrets, which she has asked nobody pass on. As true as I am to my word, my lips are sealed, but unfortunately my typing fingers, or, I should say Fingers (my Inner Typist) doesn’t have any lips that I know of, and he just got carried away blurting part of her secrets out in typed form.

Luckily for Becca I was able to edit this post and remove all of her secrets before it was posted, but unluckily for me, Fingers managed to get the hyperlink in just as I clicked ‘post’ on this post, and that was that. I was too late. Sorry about that, Becca.

I did promise Becca that I would discreetly weave some secrets into a forthcoming post, so may as well use this one while I’m at it. Fingers poised, I’m ready to go.

Secret or lie number 1.
I once pretended to be left-handed and said I had really bad handwriting.

Secret or lie number 2.
I went by the name Fiona for a few Saturday nights out a while back.

Secret or lie number 3.
I’m constantly winning the Lottery.

Secret or lie number 4.
Fingers isn’t my Inner Typist’s real name.

Secret or lie number 5.
I used to be able to cross my toes.

Secret or lie number 6.
I could drink a full can of coke in half a second when I was 21.

Secret or lie number 7.
I once ate a whole family.
I once ate a whole family-sized Black Forest Gateau in one sitting.

Secret or lie number 8.
I broke my arm ice-skating to Steps singing 5,6,7,8.

Secret or lie number 9.
I am an expert at ten-pin bowling.

Secret or lie number 10.
I once accidentally made an Origami dragon when making a paper plane.

The question is which are true and which are not?
See… discreetly weaved secrets, as promised!

25 thoughts

  1. 1. True secret!
    2. Lie
    3. Hopefully a true secret for your sake. Hey, can I borrow a bill?
    4. Lie. Yes it is.
    5. True secret.
    6. True secret.
    7. Doesn’t matter because this made me snort.
    8. Lie. You were singing Cher weren’t you?
    9. True secret. Wait, is there any OTHER kind of bowling?
    10. Awesome true secret that shouldn’t be a secret, but rather on your resume.

    Thanks for the shout out and kind of not sharing my secrets, but ultimately yeah you kind of did :).


    1. I kind of did, didn’t I Becca? Well, it was all Fingers’ fault… he’s always getting me into hot water.
      You’re not entirely one hundred per cent correct with your observations, but I can’t say yay or nay right now with them being secrets and all. I’ll reveal more in due course… 😉


  2. I still haven’t done my secrets yet. It’s been a busy day and tomorrow is busier but I promise to do it. Yours are hard to beat (and I can’t figure out which are lies and which are secrets).


  3. Ooo this will be fun!
    1, True but when you were younger.
    2. Lie 😛 (Unless it was in one of your awesome dreams!..see how good I am at guessing? 😉 )
    3. Lie (again most probably your awesome dreams!)
    4. Hmm..uhmm…ahhh…hmmmm….I’m going with True! Fingers is like a secret identity name!
    5. True!
    6. Lie! (unless as your true character Aquatom..Tom on the other hand would have had the coke coming out of his nose! teehee)
    7. True
    8. True..ouch..that must have hurt
    9. Not true
    10. True!

    How did I do????


  4. Now when you say cross your toes, the real question is how far are we talking? Like one mildly on top of the other or wrapping like pretzels? Cause that could determine whether it’s secret or lie.


    1. Welcome to my random little space, Jill!
      If I answered your question, I’d be giving the game away, but I can say somewhere between not crossing and wrapping like pretzels… if it helps… 😉
      I’m not very helpful, am I?


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