Beyond the Sphere

Hallowe’en 2016: The Fix

Please be aware that an additional part iii is available over on Splodge and Splatter, which goes into detail about The Key. Inside the box was a simple scroll. I opened it, and the High Priestess Aplaxa was… Read More

Hallowe’en 2016: The Package

I hurried across the Foyer and swiftly grabbed the small parcel, which was wrapped in plain brown paper. There was a wax seal holding everything together, with the initials EE clearly embossed. Carefully, I opened the parcel, after… Read More

Hallowe’en 2016: The Spell Helpline

Some of you may remember that in an earlier post, I wrote about a handful of Seasonal Spirits who had arrived in our neck of the woods, and who went on to cause a ‘handful’ of issues here… Read More

Wordle: Hallowe’en!

The night calm, but busy with little ghouls and ghastlies From ghosts, gremlins and vampyrs to other nasties Illuminated by the silvery light of the Moon Laughter still echoing from late afternoon The sky, now velvet dark, lets… Read More

Hurried Hallowe’en Haiku: The Book

The Book of Shadows Reveals many a secret About its owner