Beyond the Sphere

Epic Mythology: Halloween Special

Mystic K’Sandra peered into her ball Seeing a figure, red-skinned and tall Confused and bewildered, head-pecked and flapped When upon her door a loud knocking rapped She opened the door to see the red-skinned male Demon with horns… Read More

Epic Mythology: Hidden Dreams

Locke collected the three Gifts of Time And held aloft the Felteryme She ran her finger across golden dials And looked upon memories that made her smile The Lover’s Stone came into view With happy and painful memories… Read More

Epic Mythology: Prey

Prey Flighty Pickanickl slipped down shale cliff Grazed arms and legs and injured hip Though Pickanickl knew she must still run To escape Skaglad, intent on fun Skaglad, Darkland’s demon guard Practical joker upon those he barred From… Read More

Epic Mythology: Firstborn

Firstborn Pol’tnorn sat on his throne and laughed Pol’ana gurgled as she lay on his lap Pol’suzo smiled at her husband’s glee His happiness clear for all to see Their firstborn child brought Elderwoods light Much needed in… Read More

Epic Mythology: Underlands

Underlands Drips of dank water echoed as they dropped Into bottomless pools they constantly plopped Speckles of light shone in through the rocks Weathered by years of storm ravaged knocks Damp moss carpeted the cavern’s floor Edged by… Read More