Beyond the Sphere

Inktober: See Post For Details

I needed to get out of this strange house on the hill. All those odd rooms with odd things in them left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed. Drained, in fact. Luckily, I’ve found the way out, and as soon… Read More

Inktober: Graceful / Filthy / Cloud

#Inktober Days 17, 18 and 19. October 17. I couldn’t stay in the kitchen any longer. I’m now in some kind of séance room, and someone has just extinguished a candle. Next to the candle is a burner,… Read More


Yuck! We’ve found the kitchen and the cause of the horrible smell that has been getting stronger and stronger. Someone has taken all of the lard out of the fridge and left it to melt on the kitchen… Read More

Inktober: Mysterious

#Inktober. Day Fifteen. October 15. There’s a head on the table. A HEAD! And with it… an invitation. And a broken string of beads. This place just gets weirder…

Inktober: Shattered / Teeming / Fierce

Day 12. October 12. #Inktober. This room is a complete mess. Not only is all that gloop pouring from the wall in the far corner, the window in here seems to have been smashed to smithereens. It’s blowing… Read More