Inktober: See Post For Details

I needed to get out of this strange house on the hill. All those odd rooms with odd things in them left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed. Drained, in fact. Luckily, I’ve found the way out, and as soon as I’ve popped into this one last room I shall be out of here! There’s all sorts going on in this room – it’s like some kind of party room. Alas, I’m not invited, so that’s another reason to get out early! The guests are around somewhere – I can hear them breathing. Rattling.

Not a lot of buffet food, though. Two oranges and a few pieces of cheese. Good job I’m leaving. And I’ve found the key to make sure the door is well and truly locked once I leave.

What a strange experience this has been. And it makes no sense whatsoever either! Ah well. Onwards and upwards I suppose.

This post concludes my attempt at Inktober. The challenge says we can post everyday, or every other day, as we choose. I’ve used the prompts for every day, although not entirely posted everyday. This final piece contains the final twelve prompts, for days 20 to 31, all together in one random scene.

Included in this picture are my interpretations for Deep; Furious; Trail; Juicy; Blind; Ship; Squeak; Climb; Fall; United; Found; and Mask. I’m sure you can see where the prompts have been used.

16 Comments on “Inktober: See Post For Details

  1. The ‘Furious’ – I’m guessing is the angry looking Pusscat.
    The ‘Trail’ – is that the cheese? (They look like dominos – triangular dominos – is that a happy accident or intended?)
    ‘Juicy’ – Oranges.
    ‘Blind’ – well … blind at the window of course! lol
    ‘Ship’ – The magnificent Ship. Well done – great drawing!
    ‘Squeak’ – The Mice.
    ‘Climb’ – The mice climbing the curtains.
    ‘Fall’ – The mouse falling off the curtain.
    ‘Found’ – The key on the table?
    ‘Mask’ – Also on the table.

    But … I’m having trouble with these…
    ‘Deep’ – Could it be the depth of the fruit bowl? Maybe? Maybe a DEEPer meaning perhaps and I’m just too thick to get it.
    ‘United’ – Yes … I’m obviously way too uneducated and lacking in skills of detection for I can’t fathom that one out. So … asking if you could tell me

    Very good drawing though. Well done.

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    • Almost right, thanks, Cobs!
      Furious was the mouse climbing onto the table on the left there, below the one that is falling.
      Deep is the stare from the odd face in the portrait – bit random that one…
      And United are the cat and mouse over on the right of the picture.
      The cheese does look like triangular dominoes – you’re right – it was meant to look like cheese, though so the domino effect in this case was purely coincidental! 😀

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      • I truthfully thought that the cheese was meant to look like domino cheese … but I couldn’t for the life of me ‘get’ what the meaning of that was.

        I so wish that there had been a meaning. LOL.

        The deep looking face in the portrait … ooops… I thought that was meant to look like it was giving viewers a message of: “don’t take this seriously folks – it’s all done for fun!” LOL … aw, I’m useless. Save yourself Tom – there’s no hope for me!

        Happy Tuesday by the way!
        erm … actually … why aren’t you in school today? School holiday? 😀
        ~ Cobs. 😊

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        • Nah – it’s all done in fun, Cobs. And the domino cheese could mean, erm, ah, like… nope. Can’t think of anything.
          There’s hope for us all, Cobs. Always.
          And happy Tuesday – see – on the day reply! Yahoo!!! I’m taking the day off today – and before you ask, I have had permission! 😀 😉
          Have a great Tuesday, Cobs.

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    • Thanks, MrsCraft – it was a fun one to create.
      I think if I do Inktober next year, I’ll do one drawing featuring all of the prompts! 😀


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