Here we go again!

Flicked, rather unceremoniously, into the dark recesses of the spam vaults.

This is a rather unusual post for two reasons.

One; to highlight a few of the blogs that I follow, and two; to hopefully highlight to the blog author that I need to be rescued from their spam folder before I’m ejected to the furthest and most remote areas of the cyber ether one can reach.

I’ve been a-visiting once again tonight. Some blogs I don’t seem to get onto as often as others, some I’ve only recently started following, and others I’m a regular there, so regular they know where I sit and have my drink waiting for me when I stroll up.

The first blog I visited this evening, was More Than A Cat, which is a relatively new blog for me. I tried to comment on this post, about M C Escher, when I noticed something was up. I commented, clicked post, and then the screen flickered. I knew instantly what had happened. My comment had vanished.

The second blog was a regular haunt of mine, Nancy’s Spirit Lights The Way. Her post Now That’s Punny left me grinning, and I wanted to say so. BUT COULDN’T! However, in adding the hyperlink to this paragraph, I noticed the URL had a reference to a comment and number at the end. I removed this, and linked just to the post itself.

I don’t want anyone else going into spam now!

Next on my whistle stop tour of Blogland today was another of my regular spaces, Andra’s The Accidental Cootchie Mama. My comment posted on her Details of my Digital Detox, and the URL also featured the comment number at the end, so that scuppered that theory. Still, I’m 2-1 down, yet I persevere!

Hey Schoo Teecha Whassup was my next port of call, over on Soma’s blog, Somkritya, and her post had my Inner Zombie acting in a very strange frenzied state. He was looking for some hip clothes for some reason. Actually, Soma’s post explains why. And, my comment posted there without error. Yippee!

Kate Shrewsday’s blog next. Her post The Toilet, the App and the Slight Hitch (rather aptly named, if I might add!) sent my comment careering through the spam cistern of doom, and, if I’m not mistaken, I had to like the post twice. Which, it goes without saying, I don’t mind doing in the slightest.

From Kate, I moved onto Susan Sheldon Nolen’s blog, and her post Blog Break- Ted’s not impressed with lab burgers or talking robots! Susan also referred to Kate’s toilet (not literally!) but my comment posted without difficulty this time.

Once there was a Bear and Elton John Enters the Room, over on Belle of the Carnival’s blog, was my next port of call. Another ‘new’ blog for me, but I needed and wanted to leave a comment… but couldn’t. Sigh. OK, maybe this comment wasn’t the funniest, but, like spam, it was kind of food based.

BlavatarCarol, at Carol’s Place, posted some Mark Twain Quotes. I tried to point out one of my favourites over there, but was silenced without ceremony. It’s funny as I was referring to keeping silent in the comment…

… I’m sayin’ nuthin’!

Visionkeeper reminded me, in New Moon Today, Folks, that I’ve kind of lost touch with the Moon of late, so I need to take some time aside to refocus. I tried, and failed to comment there, but if these blogging and commenting problems continue I may have some more time on my hands anyway until they are resolved.

I’d Rather Be In Iceland is another blog I need to visit more. Obviously because I’d like to visit Iceland, and Eva very kindly offers up some fun Icelandic goodies. She’s posted about the prettiest place to cross a bridge in Iceland in her post today, and I tried to comment over there as well. And I succeeded! Who’d have seen that coming?

Hump Day Giggles was my next stop, over at Gray Dawster’s blog. I’d actually forgotten to leave a comment over there, but remembered I’d forgotten when I went to get the link to the post (which may not work as Andro has a private members blog). As I remembered I’d forgotten, I posted a quick comment and was sent into oblivion. Sigh.

From Andro, I moved over to Tilly’s site, better known as The Laughing Housewife. I tried to comment on her post Ewwww!, really for testing purposes more than anything, because this post is gross. Tilly says so herself. And my comment posted.

BlavatarAnd finally, I visited another regular stomping ground of mine, Prenin’s Little Page. Prenin’s blog is more of a diary where he recaps his comings and goings on a daily basis, and, like me, he has been suffering at the hands of WordPress problems for the last few weeks. I commented on his post Monday – Medication day, to let him know that these problems are flaring up again… but he’s already aware.

And WordPress are as well, apparently. So hopefully, they should be fixed soon!

Follow the links to the above blogs, if you don’t visit them already, and ignore my moans and groans… you’ll have a fun time if you do!

I shall visit other blogs tomorrow night. There may be a follow up post to this one… you never know!

Incidentally, there are even more blogs to visit from my Links Page. Follow the link in the menu at the top of the page! I hope you can visit and comment freely!

Have a great time exploring Blogland… I know I certainly do!

Oh, and for those who have me in their spam folder… could you release me, please? Thank you kindly!

43 thoughts

  1. Oh, Tom, sorry my site was so discourteous! You are, and will continue to be, fished from the spam folder and reinstated in your rightful place on the comments stream. Ruddy happiness engineers.


    1. Oh, no need to apologise Kate, it’s the system that’s all!
      Thanks for rescuing me though… hopefully next time I comment, everything will be tickety boo!
      I like to dream, I do!


    1. I think yours is one of the sites that I can comment on, Susan… or have been able to, anyway! I don’t have the problems with everyone, and not every time with the same blog either. It’s a random problem, is what it is!


  2. I’m glad to hear you’re not having a problem with me, Tom. I don’t like to be a problem. 🙂

    Thank you for the mention. I wish WordPress would get its act together.


    1. Thanks, Andra… it’s no fun being a problem! Oh, and it’s a pleasure!
      I couldn’t comment on your blog for the last couple of weeks, but now I can, so that’s a good step forward anyway!
      Computers, eh?


  3. Thank you for the shout-out and you have been rescued from my spam folder. Now back to the tomatoes – they do not go very well with spam. But make great objects for throwing at moving vehicles 😉


    1. Thank you, Carol. It’s a problem that’s been around for a while now, but was overshadowed by another problem.
      Unfortunately, I’ve been affected by both… at the same time. Sigh.
      And you’re welcome!


  4. It’s comforting to know that you don’t seem to be suffering lame commenting adventures over at Lame Adventures, Tom. Too bad WP does not have some toll-free number you can call just to talk directly to a Happiness Engineer, or more likely in your case, a Misery Techncian.


    1. Lame commenting adventures aren’t very good, actually, LA. They make for boring blog posts for one, so I wanted something a little different for this one!
      I also think that the toll free Misery Technicians would need to hire out a multi-line switchboard system to be able to handle all of the calls… if they had only the one line, we’d never get through.


  5. Yup….TL landed in my spam as well…Your comment about the moon went in the spam box. I guess wp is back to having issues again 😦 Keep trying TL ! We miss you….VK


        1. I did, thank you VK, and I watched and listened with interest (that was why I trailed off after the ‘now…’ on my reply). If it’s going to happen it’ll happen, and we can’t do a thing about it, was the thought that came to me. No fear, though. We may as well get on with things now, and enjoy and feel good whilst we still can.


  6. Hi dude! 🙂

    First thing I did was check my spam folder and dig you out!!! 🙂

    I was able to post my blog without problems today, but when I tried to comment here I got the error page of doom! 😦

    I used the https:// prefix to get through – now let;s see if it posts!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!!!


    P.S: I was unable to post my comment and on a second attempt got the error page of doom.

    This is my third attempt…


    1. Thanks for the rescue, Prenin.
      My access problems seem to have been resolved now, I’ve not needed the prefix for a good few days now. Maybe the roll-out for the fix is a gradual one. Maybe I’m further down the list for the spam comment problem.
      Oh, and it looks like a case of third time lucky! I won the Lottery on Saturday three times, incidentally… 3 numbers on 3 lines, £30.00. Three seems to be a good number of late…


      1. I’m STILL getting problems Tom, I even had a problem getting this far on your blog!!! 😦

        This is TOTALLY frustrating!!! 😦

        Congratulations on the win my friend – I’m glad one of us is having some good luck!!! 🙂

        God Bless!



        1. I’m only having the commenting problems now… the access problems seem to have been resolved for me. I say, touching wood.
          And thanks, Prenin! Although, I could do with the Big One!


  7. I’ve fished you out of the filter and hope that your next visit will be more successful. I’ve been relegated to the Spammer Slammer before . . . it’s dark and lonely and not FUN.


    1. Thank you, Nancy.
      It isn’t so much the being booted into spam that’s the problem… it’s the little flicker the screen does when the comment vanishes without a trace. I’m left wondering if I saw the flicker, if I did comment, or did the page refresh? I agree about the no fun part though! Bah! Spam!


    1. You’re welcome, Tilly (it was meant with all good intentions, by the way… that fatberg was a little gross!)
      I hope things are sorted soon as well. It’s one problem after another (or seems it!)


  8. Hi Tom I have done some releasing of prisoners lately but you were not thankfully among them, Its a pain though as I get loads of spam mail and I now religiously trawl through it to see if anyone has been flung into the depths of its walls….

    Hope all will soon be sorted for you Tom .. It must be so frustrating…
    Sue xox


    1. Thanks, Sue… no, I haven’t had any problems with your site, so hopefully things will continue that way! It is getting frustrating… shall we say… 😉


  9. These issues are getting a lot worse Tom, let us hope that
    there is a bug fix in the works at this very moment, otherwise
    the consequences could be dire…

    Thank you for calling into my blog Tom and if anyone here
    wishes to enter my Private Space then all you have to do is
    rap on the gates and I will let you in 🙂 Well, after the Zombies
    have checked you out of course 😉 🙂 lmao



    1. They are, but let’s hope they’ve gotten as bad as they can, and are now being resolved… no dire consequences and all that!
      And thanks also for the invite, on behalf of the others!


      1. You’re welcome and I hope that some of your readers will request a viewing of my Space, even the Zombies are excited 🙂 🙂

        Have a fun rest of evening Tom 🙂



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