From an old scrap of paper, ‘unfortunately’ discovered by Psychic Sue, within the pages of a Boke of Speles, which itself was discovered in a large cave, which itself was discovered deep beneath the Cheshire countryside, whilst the Elite Force of Britain were working undercover to recover a stolen compact disk cover that contained a secret code.

By candle’s light
Be borne this night
A creature dark and grim

By twilight’s end
Be borne my friend
And trap the light within

When darkness falls
Be borne as called
Wake up and leave this place

When morning comes
We’ll beat our drums
And welcome Ganthenex

The daemon strong
Will then belong
Upon this mortal plane

And once released
Chaos unleashed
Things will never be the same


I wasn’t intending to post another Superhero Diaries post so soon after the previous one, nor was I intending to post another rhyme after yesterday’s post, but due to circumstances beyond my control (i.e. lack of inspiration, cobwebs where brain cells should be, tiredness etc.) and this being ready for posting, I took the easy option and went with this.

Hopefully, my inspiration should have been reignited by tomorrow, so I can get back to posting normally then… if not, there will be yet another Superhero Diaries.

If you like these snippets from the top secret files that have somehow made their way from the locked vaults of superhero HQ (goodness knows how, exactly), previous posts can be found here in the Storylines menu.

17 thoughts

  1. I think that book of spells needs to be buried in a nice deep vault and left alone! 🙂

    Daemons are not the best thing to mess with… 😉

    God Bless!



  2. I want to know where the compact disc cover with the secret code is or was… Sir Aquatom, and no need for apologies, my brain cells are forever being swaddled in cobwebs, (why is a spiders web called a cobweb?… eeek!! my brain cells are waking up, search mode on IE has been initiated) ..the answer will be shared forthwith… or should the search prove futile… I shall fall on my figurative Sword Of …erm… Botched Searches…(Sobs for short) … 😉 xPenx


    1. Ah, the CD cover, Pen. Was it a ploy… or a trap for the superheroes? they do tend to get themselves into all kinds of predicaments like this. I have a feeling we may get to know more about that CD cover in due course…
      Doesn’t cobweb come from the time before the Middle Ages? To me it feels VERY old…


  3. I really liked that spell!!!!! Also..the Superheroes diary entries are entertaining! So bring them on 😉
    Don’t worry about not being’s an affliction that I find myself afflicted with more often than not..hehehehe


    1. Thanks, Shree. I like trying to find something different to get part of the story across with the Superhero Diaries… I’ve got some really odd ones in the pipeline! Glad you like the spell, only don’t tell Ganthenex!


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