darker by bursts
of pure light
dance freely
rhythmic crackles
that sputter and roll
And rumbles that course
to your very soul
No thunder, no rain, just plenty of bolts
Containing, at least, three million volts
Stay inside, stay safe, let the storm pass
And do try to keep away from the glass!


  1. I will definitely heed thy warning to keep away from the glass Sir Aquatom, , but like Shree a front row seat is warranted for a lightening show of pure brutal energy… Great shape and colours too.. (did it work first time of publishing? I sometimes drive myself batty trying to keep the contours of a hazardous shape, which Live Writer then arbitrarily decides in it’s wisdom to change.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    also before I forget… spiders webs/cobwebs Took me ages to find how to embed a link again, brain cells fully are charged up now… xPenx


    1. I, actually, like being outside in a lightning show – under cover, obviously, but I love the electricity in the air! Maybe that’s why I have bad hair some (most) of the time… hmmm… and I just knew that cobwebs were very old. The word has an olde feel to it! Thatnks for investigating, Lady P!


    2. Oh, and by the way, it did work first time… all I did was centre the text though and then ran the colour through it. Sometimes the formatting can be a bit of a pain. I was going to say pane, with this post being about glass and all, but thought better of it…


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