Jamie’s Dream

Jamie had a dream
A little dream, or so he thought
Of a world so full of beauty
Yet full of battles fought

Jamie’s dream was pleasant
With air so crisp and clear
Yet pollutants were encroaching
And growing ever near

Jamie’s dream was full of life,
Excitement, fun and vigour
Yet a darkness was lurking
Quite what though, he couldn’t figure

Jamie’s dream had oceans
Clean and vast and blue
Yet in his dream he heard a voice
Saying ‘if only this were true’

Jamie’s dream had wildlife
Animals varied in their number
Yet some were forced to leave their homes
With habitats torn asunder

Jamie’s dream had history
Artefacts from long ago
Some destroyed by acid rain
From where, he did not know

Jamie dreamt of a future
Of a world so full of hope
Where everything wasn’t perfect
And life everywhere had to cope

Was Jamie’s dream a nightmare
A reality or fantasy?
Will Jamie’s future be better
Than the vision he got to see?

16 Comments on “Jamie’s Dream

  1. Hi Tom! 🙂

    Yes, just what kind of world are we going to leave our children – or our grandchildren? 😦

    We’re sweeping the oceans clean of life and our world is steadily being poisoned, the dire warnings of climate change ignored as the temperature rises and disaster is staring us in our faces!

    Lord help us and Jamie’s generation…



  2. Looks like we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. Why can’t everyone hear what’s so obvious? What about our children and their children?
    I like this poem. Says it all, Tom. I like it.


  3. I’ve felt the recognition of Jamie’s dream Sir Aquatom, I’ve blogged too, about the Earth and how we humans are changing things for the worse, to be told by some that the Earth will always recover from whatever is thrown at it… How so methinks?… The Earth has never faced such as we.. . Our footsteps tread so heavily, massive prints, a gouging out of minerals, blasting, bombing, the list continues ad infinitum… how can nature stand a chance?, … I’m left feeling very, very afraid…xPenx


    • Pen, I think the Earth is a fighter, and she will fight back (she already is in places!), so I think the Earth will recover… although probably after we become the next civilisation to strangely vanish from the face of the Earth, like many of those ancient ones before us…


  4. Wonderful poem. Just what are we doing to our world? That is a good question. Especially here in Texas, as fracking is the big thing now. Not only is it ripping up the land to get to the natural gas, but it is destroying the roads in the towns around the area from the large trucks that carry the machinery in and out. And we still don’t know if they will build that Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to Texas that will rip up even more land as we use up more oil resources and ignore clean energy resources. Unless we explore clean resources as really viable and continue to rely on oil and natural gas and coal, we will continue to pollute the land and destroy our land and Janie’s dream will become a nightmare.


    • Fracking is also taking place over here as well, Maire. We’ve had Earthquakes because of it, but it’s been deemed safe apparently. Who are we to question???


    • The world could be such a lovely place to grow into Andra, if things weren’t so uncertain about, well, everything really! We can only concentrate on the good we have around us, though, and hope the ‘not so good’ fades away.


  5. Oh Tom…you do realize that it is said this world and all within it, all the drama and the mystery of the world is a dream by Brahma…


    • To be honest, Shree, I didn’t realise that… however, I hope that it’s a Lucid Dream if that’s the case, and we CAN shape things for a better future. Thanks for giving me something to look deeper into!


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