I’ve decided to abandon my occasional series ‘Top Ten Tips for a wannabe superhero’, thinking instead of referring to pages from the secret files (that all self-respecting superheroes should keep for, say, the time they decide to start a blog and need something to write about). Besides, I have written four posts of top ten tips in the not so distant past, so in actual fact there are forty tips for superheroing here already!

At least by referring to my secret files, and the secret files of my fellow superheroes, and the secret files of the supervillains we have come into contact with, and the computer secret files of both the secret and not so secret headquarters of the secret groups of superheroes, plus the secret diaries kept in the secret lairs of the supervillains, there are a few pages worth of information to quote from there.

Secrets will no longer be secret in the world of superheroing, although all names, and secret identities will be protected, as will locations of secret headquarters, sources of information, details of certain superpowers, salaries and advertising revenue details, sponsorship deals and TV appearances of superfolk in their civilian disguises. Secrets will be referred to in a roundabout way, however, but I will personally not be to blame nor held responsible should the actual secret be revealed to the world. This may not even be me typing, so who would know if it was moi who said it or not?

If any secret plans are revealed, or secret maps for locations of treasure (for example), these will not be genuine, and will appear for illustration purposes only.

I will, however, reveal the secret behind Ravish changing her name to the Slinky Siren. Be prepared… it isn’t what you will be expecting to read. Or maybe it will, if you provided me with that particular piece of information… (thanks, FG, by the way!)

Look out for more entries from The Superhero Diaries… coming soon.

24 thoughts

  1. So how long do we have to wait
    for this series to really kick off Tom? 🙂
    I will look forward to reading more…



      1. I will look forward to reading them Tom,
        and as I am still miles behind your postings
        I am hoping to catch up on those too 🙂

        Have a fun evening my great friend 🙂



  2. How wolfishly intriguing! I am tapping my paw impatiently on the tub of hair gel whilst I wait to see wsome action! Come on 😉 Jump to it! Type type type…type type…type!!


  3. I totally think you’ve spilled a few beans among all those secrets up there! I’ll need to wake up my Superhippo for this!

    Can’t wait for the superhero diaries either!


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