She was quite a few steps inside the tunnel when she heard the clinking, clanking and rumbling sounds of the portcullis gate behind her, and ran back as quickly as she could.

The portcullis was fully down by the time she reached it, and through the flickering torchlight beyond the metal bars she could see Ynayna and Skaglad on the other side, standing, laughing.

“You always were so predictable,” scoffed Ynayna, “and like that pet of mine you used to be, you always followed the trail of crumbs… only this time you haven’t found your food bowl, have you, but the place where you will spend the rest of your life; I hope you’ll like it in K’lamsi and the labyrinth beyond, you will not escape here!”

Skaglad, almost three times larger than Pickanickl, forcefully rattled the gate to prove it wouldn’t move, and joined Ynayna in laughing at their prisoner once again. “You’re deep underground now, girl, and there’s no escape from here.”

Pickanickl allowed Skaglad’s words to wash over her, just as she did his and Ynayna’s mocking; she turned away from them without saying a thing, and walked back, deeper into the tunnel – she had a strong feeling she was on the right track, regardless of what her captors said, and continued on her quest to find Caldane.

Pickanickl’s Quest is now part of Six Sentence Stories. This week’s prompt word  is ‘Labyrinth’.

The previous part is here. More soon…

26 thoughts

  1. And the mythos expands!
    (brain plasticity took a leave of absence today, so upon bringing up to full screen your post I read pick a nick…I was wtf…lolol)

    Liked by 1 person

          1. You’re so right, my friend! I’ve worked out a priority system, as sometimes blogging becomes like a job for me, rather than ‘fun’.
            So first I reply to comments, take a break, then come back and read posts. If they’re short, I can comment on them right away–longer ones I usually take another break and return later. And finally I collect all the prompts I may want to do–so that I can write like a madwoman in the wee hours 🙂 In between all that I have to cook for myself and attend to a few housekeeping chores–it is busy days for this old woman 🙂 Happy Monday to you, Tom–have a great week, take good care of YOU 🙂

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            1. I think I talked myself into going AWOL after this comment of yours, Staarlz! I’ve just taken a mini-break and have returned refreshed with a different look towards how I blog
              We’ve just had a few hot days here, so that helped with my decision too! 😄

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    1. Pickanickl’s been here before, so I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. I just wish she’d tell me, as I do have to write it all down!


  2. Hey, I’m in.
    Loves them serial stories. Liken this one.
    (Technical question: (If you do) when you gather the installments in a standalone location how do you make them display in order? I set up a separate blog and post in a reverse order chronologically so they present to the Reader in proper sequence.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Clark. I don’t usually gather the installments together, but instead link to each part through my Storylines Menu, which are (should be) listed earliest first (you’ve reminded me that I need to update that page with a few of these Six Sentence Stories – I’ll do it when it’s cooler!). 🙂


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